Water damage restoration is about so much more than just the building itself. Your basement, your walls, your doors and more aren’t the only things that are damaged by the water. For many, their belongings are damaged by water, too. When that happens, it’s normal to feel powerless, anxious and worried. Our water damage restoration company has gone to great lengths to be able to restore not just peoples’ homes, but their belongings, too. In this blog, we’ll go over how we can clean and dry your belongings once the water strikes, as well as how we can help with other ways water could damage your building.

Water Damage Restoration Company Techniques

There are certain techniques that we have been using for years and years to help restore our clients’ homes. That said, we’re always looking for new, better ways to do so. By combining the latest, most cutting edge technology with our practical know-how and experience, we can restore peoples’ homes in even better ways. Now, unfortunately, we can’t always restore all of your personal belongings. But, with our special focus on their restoration, we can restore more of them than ever before. Beyond simply restoring your home, we aim to mitigate as much water damage as possible.

Your Water Damage Restoration Company1

Your Electronic Items

Your electronics are some of your most expensive and really, prized possessions. Television, stereos, speakers, computers and many other kinds of electronic appliances are important items that you use daily and take delicate care with. As you probably know, these items are also quite vulnerable to the effects of water damage. Should they get wet, do not immediately give up on them. We have years of experience in helping to clean, dry and restore electronic items. In fact, we’ve developed several relationships which enable us to do so even better. Over the years, we’ve cultivated a working relationship with electronics technicians that we trust. They can assist with any internal repair or cleaning, should it be necessary. As ever, don’t turn on electronics that may have been damaged by water.

Important Papers, Pictures and More

Even with so many of our documents in “the cloud” these days, we all still have those pictures and papers which are important to us. Some documents can’t be easily replaced, if they can be replaced at all. That’s why we show up at your location with a five point plan to not just dry your documents, pictures and the like – but preserve them as well. The first step is air drying them. We do much more than just let it hang in the wind; we have certain techniques that help it to dry out more thoroughly and completely.

A Proven Process

The next step in preserving your most prized documents is in dehumidifying them. This may seem unnecessary, (we’ve had clients ask “why are you trying to dehumidify a picture?”) but the truth is that moisture can still seep in, they can soak up water. However, once the documents have been dehumidified, that won’t happen. This precludes them from taking on any more water damage, so that we can make sure they won’t get any worse. From there, we’re able to take continued steps to preserve them even better.

After we’ve dehumidified the document, we freeze dry it. This may seem initially counterintuitive: “aren’t you trying to make it better? Why are you freezing it?” The truth is that the purpose of the freeze drying is to remove all oxygen from the document. That way, the oxygen can’t cause further damage to the documents, either. Of course, we don’t leave your documents frozen and then return them to you in that state. The fifth and final step of our process is to vacuum thermal dry the item. Here, we remove any lingering, leftover oxygen from the document with heat.

This doesn’t work with every single document, but it has been proven over the years to be quite effective. For many of our clients’, they aren’t worried so much about their electronics or documents but their larger items: chairs, furniture and the like. Sometimes, we pack up your belongings. Then, we move them out of your home. Typically, this is done in buildings where there’s been extensive damage. However, we often do this when we need to get the belongings out of the building so that we can have adequate space to address the issues.

The above are just a few steps we take to make sure that your belongings are restored as well as possible. While we sometimes aren’t able to save every item, often we’re able to save far more than people to think initially. Should you suffer a water damage emergency, don’t hesitate to contact us 24/7 at our site or by calling us at (800) 805-0541.