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Years of Experience in Sewage Cleanup in Burbank

April 30th, 2019

No one likes to think about sewage cleanup. However, when you have sewage problems, they’re genuine problems: and they need to be addressed immediately. When sewage breaks through into your home, commercial building, there is no time to waste. Without immediate help, the building will take on damage and will be unsafe for people. Sewage is the kind of problem that should always be left to the professionals. That’s good for the health of your building, your loved ones, and you. At USA Restoration, we have years of experience in sewage cleanup in Burbank and all around the Los Angeles area.

Necessary Sewage Cleanup

Sewage can spew forth in multiple ways. When your drains and sewer backup, it could be pushed forth back into your home. Often, sewage in your home can be a result of flooding. No matter how sewage comes to invade your home, USA Restoration can help. Any kind of exposure to raw sewage can cause horrible problems. Indeed, the list of pathogens that can be found in sewage is length: parasites, giardia, salmonella, hepatitis-A, e-coli, and all manner of toxic fungi – those are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what can be found in sewage. Should you have any suspicion that your home or other kind of building had a sewage problem, call the pros right away.

When we say “sewage,” it’s natural to think of some kind of toxic black sludge, dark and thick. While that’s very possibly what sewage could look like, it’s important to note that there are actually three kinds of sewage water. The first category is called “clean water,” and it’s what you imagine it to be. That’s what you’ll get if your water supply line breaks. You may think “why mention this clean water?” Well, it’s to drill into your head the idea of how important it is to get help from USA Restoration as soon as possible. Left alone for too long, and “category one” water becomes “category two or even three.” That’s the last thing anyone wants.

Sewage Water Help

The second category isn’t clean. Called “grey water,” it will include some bacteria and viruses. You definitely want to avoid it as much as possible. It will contain some urine, but it’s important to note that this second category doesn’t necessarily come from just the toilet. For example, when your washing machine or dishwasher overflows, that will be category two grey water. Should you encounter this, don’t try to deal with it yourself. By that same token, don’t just let it be. If you do that, then it can rapidly become category three, black water.

As you might imagine, “black water,” or “category three,” is what you want to keep out of your home at all costs. This water can kill if you ingest it, and will cause severe health problems just from being in contact with it. Untreated sewage is just part of what’s included here. If you can think of something awful in water, then it’s category three. Another fact about category three that people don’t always realize: if water from streams or rivers comes into your home, it’s automatically category three. You don’t need to classify it, you need to get away.

Sewage cleanup in Burbank

What we do

The first thing we do is that we respond to your call. That may not sound like such a big deal, but we do it at all times. If you notice sewage begins to creep into your home around 3:30 AM, someone will be here to take your call. Moreover, they won’t just say something like: “we’ll tell it to the morning crew when they get in.” No, we understand what a serious problem sewage is. So, that’s why our professionals are available at all times, day or night. With that kind of availability, we can give you the attention your problem deserves. No one should have to sit at home with sewage, so we get to work fast.

When we arrive, we figure out exactly what the problem is and how we can fix it.  A quick but comprehensive search tells us everything we need to know about your sewage issue. Then, we’ll present you with a detailed explanation as to how we’re going to stop your sewage problem from getting worse as well as how we’re going to return your home or other building to its pre-loss state. This explanation is so detailed that it will have what everything costs as well.

Anyone who’s had to deal with sewage in their home or place of business has had to deal with enough nasty surprises for a lifetime. So, we make sure to never have surprise costs on the bill.

Once we’ve taken care of all of that, we get right to it. Sewage has to be dealt with promptly. Any hesitation or waiting can make the problem so much worse. That’s why we get right to work on removing any sewage water, solid waste or plain contaminated content as quickly as possible. However, we make sure to do this in a safe manner as well. Drawing upon our years of experience, remove anything contaminated in a way that doesn’t cause any further damage.

Restoration and Remediation

There are many companies who deal with water damage by just coming into the home or other kinds of building and just clearing all of the people’s possessions out of the way. They throw everything aside and concentrate just on the problem. It is indeed important to focus on the problem, but we make sure to treat your belongings with the respect they deserve as well. That’s why we do everything in our power to make sure that they’re treated right. When possible, we work to restore them to their original state. While we can’t guarantee that, we can guarantee that we’ll pull out every stop and use every bit of technology we have in the attempt.

Sewage in your home or other kind of building leaves quite a bit of damage in its wake. The smell can be foul; to say nothing of the other forms of damage it can leave. That’s why we make sure to clean and sanitize the area thoroughly and completely. The job isn’t done for us until the rooms that were wracked with sewage are now pleasant and welcoming, on their way to being in their pre-loss state. “Restoration” is more than just making your house “nice,” it’s about making it into your home again. That’s what our restoration is designed to do.

As with any kind of severe water damage, even once the water is removed, moisture remains. That moisture, just like standing pools of water, if left alone, can cause a heap of problems. So, we make sure to get that moisture out of there, too. With some of the highest quality air movers in the area, we ventilate your rooms till they’re right. After that, we dry the area completely. If that moisture is left around, it can lead to mold problems. The last thing you need after getting sewage out of your home, is mold problems. The water damage restoration pros here at USA Restoration can make it so that mold isn’t an issue.

Sewage is a serious emergency. The appearance of sewage in your home or other kind of building has to be dealt with immediately. We can make sure that your sewage is dealt with properly. Then, we can use our water damage restoration experience to make sure that your building returns to the state you want it to return. With the top tech in the industry, we can find more potential sources of water damage. That way, when we leave, your home is as safe from mold as can be. For more info, contact (800) 805-0541.