Top Mold Removal Companies:
What is Mold?

Mold can grow in nature as well as in built environments. In the right conditions, which are time, moisture and a food source, mold can begin to grow. Once it grows it then release spores which are then in the air. These spores can live outdoors as well as indoors. That’s why you need to call USA Restoration immediately after detecting mold. You don’t want it to keep recrodusing and releasing spores that will now affect other areas of your home. USA Restoration can remove and remediate your home of mold.


When Mold Becomes a Problem

Mold becomes an issue in your office or home when there is a lot of moisture and the right fuel source is available. The most important thing to avoid mold is prevent the moisture from happening. If Mold does become an issue, USA Restoration can help you to remove it, clean it and remediate it. Mold can also hide inside walls and ceilings, a tell tale sign is when the wall becomes discolored. If that happens call USA Restoration and they can come in and check for mold behind your walls and ceilings. When floors become uneven or bubble up there could be mold underneath.

The Five Things to Know about Mold

  1. Possible health problems that could arise from being exposed to mold are asthma, allergies, and many other types of respiratory problems.
  2. You aren’t able to eliminate mold 100% but you can control it.
  3. The best way to control mold from growing indoors is to control moisture.
  4. If you do find mold growing in your home or workplace, you have to clean up the mold immediately and remove the moisture that is helping the mold to grow. Call USA Restoration immediately and they can help to remove the mold and the moisture immediately!
  5. To further prevent mold from growing any water leaks need to be repaired

Five More Things to Know about Mold

  1. If any items in your home get wet you need to clean and dry them within 24-48 hours otherwise mold will have the perfect environment to grow on them. That includes furniture and even clothes.
  2. If an area of your home is consistently humid or damp, do not install carpeting in that area otherwise mold will grow.
  3. Humidity inside a home should always be between 50-60% that will ensure the reduction of mold growing. Also installing ventilation in areas such as the bathrooms and laundry rooms that will help to keep the humidity at the optimum temp. Also using your exhaust fan while cooking is also another bonus.
  4. Condensation, which happens from windows, can also be a breeding ground for mold. Using piping around the windows and insulation into exterior walls will also help.
  5. Mold is everywhere! Call USA Restoration to help you with all your mold issues and we can remove and remediate all your mold problems