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What to Expect from a Water Damage Cleanup in Los Angeles

June 21st, 2019

It is a traumatic experience to discover water damage in your house. What’s more stressful is to find a company that offers a reliable service for water damage cleanup in Los Angeles.

Why a Water Damage Cleanup is Necessary?

Most homeowners dread water damage. Each time it rains or snows and melts heavily, there is a huge risk of water damage. Unfortunately, it can cause thousands of dollars when it affects your electronics, upholstery and plumbing equipment, among others.

It also increases the risk of mold breeding in your house. Remediating it can be an expensive task. For that reason, it is ideal that you hire a water damage restoration company immediately.

The company can easily clean your house because it has the proper tools to repair or restore your house, while it helps in the cleanup.

Water Damage Causes

Your leaky dishwashers, broken dishwasher hoses, broken pipes, and leaky roofs are just some of the possible causes of water damage. Some water damage causes can only lead to minor problems. Other cases, however, can cause destruction of your house.

When your house experiences water damage, cleanup must be immediately started. It will help you save your carpets, rugs and other items.

What to Expect in a Cleanup?

If you suspect that your home has water damage, you must call a reliable water damage cleanup. Whether or not it is just a small leak, take immediate steps in ensuring that the damage is fixed properly.

When you call our cleanup crew, the team will monitor your house’s attic, plumbing, ceiling, floors, and basement for any water damage. Any signs of water damage in those areas will be mended by our team, upon your approval.

Our team can handle water damage of any cause, be it a leaking roof or pipe or overflowing appliance. Call us today so we can assist you properly.

water damage cleanup in Los Angeles

Contact a Professional

When you see signs of water damage, contact our professionals immediately. Our services are available throughout Los Angeles. We will dispatch our team within 60 minutes after calling. Our team is available 24/7 so you can call us in case of an emergency.

Search and Inspection

Our professionals will first search for each part of your house for any possible damage. It is true that flood areas are easy to spot.

Other areas, however, may require specialized tools. That’s why it is vital that you call a professional to inspect them for you.

If you do the cleanup yourself, you might miss a lot of spots that could lead to a breeding ground for molds and other microbes. Our team, on the other hand, uses the latest devices that can monitor moisture levels using moisture meters.

These tools are vital in assessing the moisture in various surfaces of your house. They are beneficial in helping them understand the extent of the damage. Our team can also assess whether or not mold growth has started.

Advanced Tools and Devices

To perform a thorough cleanup, our team uses advanced tools and devices so we can offer you excellent service. Our pieces of equipment would include but not limited to air movers, infrared thermometers, dehumidifiers, cleaning agents and detergents, as well as moisture psychrometers.

With those tools, we can handle either big or small tasks. There is no mold that can hide from our professionals and their tools. We also utilize construction tools to help restore your house completely.

These advanced tools are also vital in halting further damage. It does not matter whether it is minor water damage. You still need our water damage cleanup service in Los Angeles so we can stop any further damage that can lead to major repairs.

Through extensive inspection, we can classify the water damage in your house. Class 1 is still harmful but the damage is minor. This type of damage causes little absorption of water. It still requires cleanup. However, it is the easiest to tackle.

Class 2 is more difficult to tackle than class 1 because it already involves damages to your carpets and cushions. It also has a fast rate of evaporation making it more difficult to handle.

Class 3 is typically the result of broken sprinklers or overhead sources. It affects not just the carpets but also walls and furniture.

The most harmful category is class 4. In here, we will use special water restoration tools and techniques. It already affects plaster, concrete and hardwood floors.

If you are not a professional water damage specialist, you may not be able to classify the water damage in your house. But it is vital to categorize it so that proper treatment will be applied. Otherwise, further damage may arise.

Extract Water

After inspection, our team will start to extract the water. Any existing water can be removed through pumps and other professional tools.

This step is vital before conducting any repairs. Skipping this step will only cause a lot of problems later on in the cleanup process.

Dry and Clean Air

After removing any existing water, our specialists will start the drying process. The technique used in drying will depend on the extent of the water damage.

We may use dehumidifiers that are of different types. Our team will also use professional drying machines that can keep and protect the structural parts of your house. In that way, they are safe from mold damage.

Those parts need to be dried immediately to prevent mold growth. If not, mold can start to grow and spread. It will start to affect a significant portion of your house’s foundation. Completely drying your house is vital to ensure that we can restore the air quality of your house.

If it is not completely dried, airborne bacteria can start to grow that cause unpleasant smells. They can linger even after water extraction.

With our proper tools and equipment, our water damage cleanup team in Los Angeles can restore the clean air in your house, besides restoring its building materials.

The Harmful Effects of Mold

Mold growth can adversely affect your house’s construction materials. That’s we emphasize on calling us immediately so that we can quickly prevent mold growth.

When mold spread to these construction materials, they can rot. If not treated, they can break down faster than normal.

Apart from that, mold spores can also cause a variety of health issues. They can get in the air causing allergic reactions.

These spores can cause itchy nose, sinus congestion, and skin irritations, among other health issues. If one of your family members has asthma, he/she must not stay in your house during the cleanup process. This person must only come back when everything is clear.

Part of our cleanup process is mold removal. We contain its spread, filter the area, and remove the mold. Then, we dry your house and repair any damaged materials. We have proper tools that test mold growth.

We do not just clean your house after water damage. We also offer water damage repair. Keep in mind that the interior part of your house is not designed to endure water exposure.

After cleaning, we will restore your house entirely. It works in various ways.

We will first remove all materials that have been damaged that can no longer be repaired. Our team will also remove drywall, carpet and wood flooring. These surfaces can deteriorate quickly. If you have floor tiles, they might need to be removed even if they do not appear to be wet or damaged.

Your home can only be repaired once all damaged materials are removed. We will use powerful tools and cleaning detergents to properly clean the house.

You can choose to replace the drywall yourself. However, it will be ideal to hand this job to us so we can quickly and effectively clean your house. We can ensure that there is no hidden mold in the drywall.

If you wish to know more about our water damage cleanup in Los Angeles, please contact us today: (800) 805-0541. We can dispatch our team within 60 minutes.