When you have been dealt the cards of a terrible storm you and your family may be dealing with a precarious situation post-storm. Damage to your home can be caused by a number of different weather events, the most common being tornadoes, hurricanes, and severe rains and winds. It can make things very dangerous if you’re not prepared and knowing what to do post-storm can be very helpful. When the storm has passed you shouldn’t walk outside and go about your day like any normal day. Instead, keep an ear on the radio and other news sources online to know whether the streets are safe for travel and that there aren’t any more weather problems expected. Leaving before you know that it’s safe to could put yourself and your family in unnecessary danger. When you have been cleared to move about as normal you should still be on alert for dangers that may have been missed by local authorities. This can include downed powerlines, metal objects near those downed lines and any standing bodies of water. Stepping into stagnant water can be an instantaneous way to get electrocuted and killed.

storm damage

Furthermore, when dealing with the after-effects of a dangerous storm you do not want to enter any buildings that have been damaged structurally. Entering or leaving any buildings that have had their structural integrity put to a question will easily put yourself and your family in danger. If you are outside you must be sure to steer clear of trees that are damaged. This includes ones that are leaning heavily or have dangling limbs. Driving unnecessarily may also be something you want to question. Are you leaving your home for a definitive purpose or to have a poke around? If your community has suffered from something such as flooding you could unknowing be driving yourself (and your family) into water bogged situation. It’s quite possible that you have seen the many videos of citizens trapped in their cars in flood waters because they chose to drive around or could not get home safely. In this situation, some of those people had perished leaving their vehicle to wade through flood waters. Flood waters can be deceptively fast moving and getting pulled away from safety can happen in a matter of seconds.


Once things have calmed down post-storm event and you have the all clear to leave your home you should check on the elderly and disabled neighbors in your area. They may not have the strength, resources, and foresight of their younger, abled neighbors. When on your way to check on neighbors, depending on your location (geographically) you should be a way of any wildlife that may have been displaced during a flood or heavy storm. They could be scared or feeling threatened so steering clear may be the best route. If you have to travel to your neighbors via your car be sure to keep an eye out for obstructions in the road or any other big issues (downed trees and bridges).


Other means of being prepared after a storm include quickly turning off your gas meter if you smell gas around your home (avoid using open flame candles as well). You should also be sure that your fire extinguisher is on hand. You should also have extra batteries on hand an check your fire alarms and CO detectors. If you have pets they should be kept on a leash when outdoors. Post-storm can a stressful time for your entire family including your pets and that can only be made more so if your dog bests loose and runs off. If you have a situation post store that you feel is too much for you and your family to handle you can call a professional service to help you. When it comes to storm damage you want to be fast in fixing the issue so calling a professional service with haste can be one of your best solutions.


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