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Water Damage Restoration Silver Lake

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Water is one of the most destructive forces on the planet. It is capable of doing serious damage to a building in very little time. In addition to the visible damage, if water Is a allowed to sit it can seep into walls, floors, cabinets, furniture and other items causing serious damage that might not immediately be noticeable. The long term effects of water damage can be mold or rotted wood that does extensive and costly damage not to mention potentially being hazardous to your health. USA Restoration Pros is available to handle any and all water damage needs around the clock. No matter when the damage occurs, call us and we will have an expert technician on the scene shortly to stop the damage, remove the water and professionally dry then repair any damage done.

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What Does USA Restoration Pros Offer?

The highly trained technicians at USA Restoration Pros use a variety of techniques and pieces of equipment to take care of the water damaged areas of your building.

We understand that time is critical when it comes to water damage. The longer you wait to have the water removed and dried the more damage it can do. We have technicians on call 24 hours per day seven days per week so no matter when the damage may occur we are ready and able to take care of it.

Our expert technicians are highly trained and are industry leaders in their field. When they arrive on the scene they can quickly assess the damage and determine the best course of action to remove the water, dry and clean the area then repair and restore the damage.

Serving Silver Lake 24hrs a Day: (323) 704-1337

How is Water Damage Cleaned Up?

We treat every case of water damage uniquely so that we can customize our services directly to your needs. We don’t want to charge you for services you don’t need or skip steps that are needed. We typically follow a six step process that allows us to determine how to best deal with your water damage.

  1. Inspect the damaged area.
  2. Stop any incoming water.
  3. Remove any standing water.
  4. Dry and dehumidify damaged locations.
  5. Clean the damaged areas. This includes a full sanitation.
  6. Repair and restore any damage done by the water.

Using this six step formula we can identify your areas of need then quickly and affordable take care of your water damage.

USA Restoration – Cleanup and Restoration Services

  • Fully Trained Expert Staff
  • Fast Around the Clock Response Time
  • Cutting Edge Tools and Equipment
  • Full Cleaning and Restoration Services

Why Choose USA Restoration?

Around the Clock Fast Response

When it comes to water, fire and storm damage, we understand that time is of the essence. We are available 24/7 and can immediately dispatch our team of experts to your home during your time of need.

Trained Experts in Their Field

Our technicians are experts in their fields. From storm and water cleanup to repairing fire and smoke damage to mold remediation, our professionals are highly trained in the latest techniques and equipment.

Cutting Edge Technology

We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in cleanup and restoration. We use cutting edge equipment and technology that allows us to cleanup, repair and restore your home quickly, professionally and affordably.