When you hear the word floods, you probably think about overflowing rivers in the springtime. However, flooding is a risk that never ends during winter. Water damage due to sudden pipe bursts is a common and expensive disaster that any home or business can face.

The impact of pipe burst on your house will depend on how long and how damaged those pipes are. When dealing with water damage, emergency action is crucial. Additionally, water can cause a lot of damage and thus lead to the growth of dangerous molds if not taken care of straightaway. Read on to learn more.

Signs of Water Damage

Water damage might be hard to notice and can occasionally take several days to recognize. Overflowing water can lead to severe water damage to your home’s foundation and structure. Some indications of interior and exterior water damage include:

Water damage contractors respond quickly and apply advanced and modern equipment to remove the water.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Restoring your Home or Business After Water Damage

The amount of work done to restore a home greatly depends on the degree of water damage as well as the duration of the water in the house. Our Water damage contractors will put a comprehensive project timeline for the water damage repair. Here is what to expect in the cleanup process and water damage restoration services.


A water contractor will scrutinize and gauge the damage of the property. Drying equipment might be needed depending on the moisture content readings of your home.

Removal of stagnant water

The more the water is allowed to sit the greater the level of damage. The time that it will take to remove water varies depending on the type of substrate dried, the amount of water and the size of the room.

Drying and dehumidifying the area

This is done to prevent further damage to your property.  A water damage contractor will determine if dehumidifiers will be needed and the duration they will be in use.

Cleaning and sanitizing the place

Since water damage also affects your possessions, water damage contractors will clean restorable items utilizing specified methods. What’s more, they will sanitize with antimicrobial treatments and remove bad smell using industrial scrubbers and fogging equipment.


This is the last phase where your home or business is restored to its original condition.

While you have no control over natural disasters, you can minimize the impact of sudden pipe bursts on your home. Quick attention by contacting water damage experts to avoid further water damage is recommended. For assistance from professional water damage contractors, visit USA Restoration today or schedule our water damage restoration services at (800) 805-0541.