No one’s ever really prepared for water damage. You hope it doesn’t happen, but in the end, when water damage comes, there’s very little you can do to keep it from ever appearing. Sure, you can have your pipes checked out and the like, but you can’t control the weather. On a long enough timeline, eventually slabs could leak, pipes could burst, and a million other factors that could help contribute to water damage. When that occurs, the best course of action is to bring in USA Restoration. In this blog, we’ll touch on what our water damage restoration company can do for you, as well as some ways that we can make a difficult time a bit easier.

Water Damage Restoration: Stopping the Damage

One of the main problems of water damage is that if you don’t get to it right away, it can keep making things worse. We’ve mentioned “standing water” before in these blogs, water that pools and isn’t moving. However, even standing water can seep into the carpets, flooring, walls and more. That can cause even more problems, and worse, it can cause problems in the future, too. These are all reasons that you want to bring in USA Restoration as early as possible in the process.

When water damage strikes, you really don’t have time to wait for it to “go away.” The water isn’t going to evaporate when it’s in large enough quantities in your home or place of business. Should y0ou choose that route, by the time that the water has dissipated, things could be so much worse. You put too much into your home or place of business to just let water wear them down. As soon as you know that water damage is causing a problem, it’s in your best interest (as well as the best interest of your building) to bring in USA Restoration

Finding the Problem, Fixing it

When you call USA Restoration, we’ll come out to you quickly. Once we arrive, we’ll perform a very thorough examination of the building. From there, we’ll tell you exactly what we’re going to do and how we’re going to do it. Those are all reasons to hire a water damage repair company like our own: we can find out exactly what the problem was. That way, we can fix it and head off potential problems that could occur.

If you just let water sit, or you call a lesser water damage repair company, you may never find out exactly what the main problems was. When we work, we can ascertain exactly what caused the damage. This isn’t that big a deal when the damage is caused by outside flooring, or if the lake down the street has overflowed. However, it can be very important if it isn’t necessarily obvious what caused the water damage. After all, you certainly don’t want to go through the water damage process twice.

So, when we arrive at your building, we’ll figure out if it was all caused by a pipe that burst at the worst time, your slab beginning to leak, or anything similar to that. Then, we can help you to figure out the best path forward in fixing those problems. In some cases, we can fix them, and in some others, we can work with you and your insurance company to help you to find the best solution. You may not be able to 100% make sure that water damage doesn’t strike, but with our help, you can potentially keep your home from suffering the consequences of water damage.

a water damage restoration company

Repair and Restoration

“Restoration” isn’t just about removing the water, or drying out your home or anything like that. “Restoration” is concerned with returning your building to its pre-loss state. Water damage can do a true number on your home: it can cause all kinds of problems that can last. Worse, depending on where the water goes, it can cause problems when you think your home might be perfectly fine. Here at USA Restoration, we take the “restoration” part of repair seriously.

A home is repaired. Pipes, slab leaks, walls, and more- those can be repaired. What needs restored are your items and personal belongings that have been damaged by the water. Those can’t be fixed with a few turns of a wrench or anything like that. Some of your items may have been damaged in the water; some may even have unfortunately been ruined. However, before you give up on them, give USA Restoration a chance.

We have some of the best, most cutting edge tools and technology in the industry. That tech can be put to good use drying out and dehumidifying your home. However, it can also help to restore your personal items. We can’t even begin to tell you how many people have told us: “I can’t believe you were able to save that,” or “I thought it was a goner.” With all of our trained expertise, we can help you to save and restore more of your belongings after water damage tries to take them away.

Beyond Drying

When your home is swamped with water damage, when it’s essentially flooded, you want it to be dry again. You want it to be, well, your home. That’s where USA Restoration comes in. We can dry your home out completely, so that it can be returned to your pre loss state. However, that’s not all that we do to your home. Indeed, we can make sure that it not only dries out, but is much safe in the long run.

For example, when we dry your home out, we don’t just dry it and dehumidify it: we also clean it, too. No matter how beautiful your home may be, right after we dry it out, it will be a mess. Water damage can take a toll on a building in so many different ways. It leaves behind a kind of debris (and worse). Left to sit there, it can cause many of the same problems that water might if it’s left to sit there. Here at USA Restoration, we have a plan for that.

We clean the entire damaged area completely. Leaving no proverbial stone unturned, we make sure that it’s entirely cleaned to the point where it looks as much as possible like it did before the water damage. However, we aren’t done then. The next step is to sanitize the damaged area, too. By making sure that it’s fully sanitized, we can make sure that your room is safe, too. Mold is, in its own way, resourceful. Mold will take any path or route to enter your home. All it needs is a little crack, just a small way in, and then you have to deal with mold. We make sure that doesn’t happen.

You can call us at any time. To be clear, while many of our calls are during out and out, obvious emergencies, we’ve also been called plenty of times to fix what may not seem like an emergency but truly is. For example, we get several calls when a home is flooding because a nearby creek overran that kind of thing. However, we also get calls from worried parents in the middle of the night saying something like: “I’m worried there’s mold in my basement,” or something like that. Sure, that may not be a question of water rising over your knees, but it can be a true problem. We can take those calls at any time, day or night. After water damage, water restoration is important in many ways: it can help to restore your place of business, or to make your house a home again. Should you need water damage restoration at any time, give us a call at (800) 805-0541.