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Water Damage in North Hollywood Tips

April 25th, 2019

When water damage strikes your home or property, it’s natural to not know what to do. After all, this isn’t something that happens every day. Water damage often seemingly comes out of nowhere, erupting from a burst pipe, springing from a slab leak, pouring in from a nearby overflowing lake, or some other source. It’s rarely the kind of thing that someone can prepare for, which is why water damage in North Hollywood can be so devastating. Often, people who have been struck by water damage ask us: “what can I do before you get here?”

Our Water Damage in North Hollywood Advice

If you’ve been reading our blogs, you know that we’re always available. That means we can come to your home or place of business at any time, day or night. We’re always available because that’s what it takes to stop water damage. Left unchecked, not only can the water damage get much worse, but the water can, too. When you contact us, we’ll get the pertinent information we need from you on the phone and then we’ll head out.

Of course, depending on where you are, it might take us a minute to get to where you are. People have asked us: “is there anything I can do before you get here?” Of course, before we say anything, the most important thing you can do is to stay safe. Water damage can be a serious threat to not just your building but your safety as well. If you have any inkling that the water is dangerous, just get to safety. None of your possessions, no matter how expensive or infused with sentimental value, are worth the health of you, your loved ones, your employees, or anyone else. If you have any doubt, run.

That being said, if the water damage is bad but not dangerous (a situation like clean water that hasn’t been near any electronics, etc.) then there are some small steps that you can take to help things yourself. No matter what, make sure to get children and pets away from the water. There’s no amount of water damage that’s safe enough for them. Besides, during a time like this, you’re going to have enough on your mind that you don’t want to be concerned for their safety as well. So, you want to make sure that kids and pets are far from the damaged areas.

water damage in North Hollywood

Safety First Always

If it’s possible for you to stop the water source, do so. Always, always always – take safety into account first. For example, if the water’s pouring forth from a source you can stop, do so. If it’s coming in from somewhere you can’t, don’t. We’ll take care of it as soon as we arrive. One important tactic that we do recommend if you can safely get to it is to turn on your air conditioning. That can help make the environment just a little bit drier, particularly in the warmer spring and summer months.

Excess water is one of the major problems related to water damage in North Hollywood. As excess water sits there, it can quickly turn. Sure, at first, water from your sink or pipe might be perfectly clean. But, if that excess water isn’t dealt with rapidly, it can become a problem in a hurry. That means that it could turn into gray or even black water before you know it. If it’s possible for you to deal with excess water on your own, do so.

We always recommend blotting and mopping excess water. That’s the safest way to do so. It’s not exactly lightning quick, but it does get the job done. Moreover, it’s the kind of thing that you can do to slow the spread of water damage until we arrive. The faster you can begin to get rid of the excess water, the less overall water damage you might have. The mop is your friend in this case, but the household vacuum isn’t. Trying to use that to remove the water can be very ineffective, but more importantly, it can be very dangerous, too. You want to use electronics as little as possible during water damage or flooding because you just don’t know how they’re going to react. As safety is paramount, avoid the vacuum.

If you can safely get to some of the more important items that can be removed, do so. At USA Restoration, we take great pride in being able to restore your items to their pre-loss state, to be as good as they were before the flood. However, we may not be able to save everything. If there are loose items on the floor that you can move in a hurry, it’s worth it to do so. By that same token, you want to do the same with any documents, pictures or pieces of art. Those tend to be some of the more unique, irreplaceable objects that also do not react well to water.

Wet cushions and upholstery won’t be restored sitting on a wet couch in a flooded room, so remove them if you can. Removing items on tables and lamps (provided they aren’t plugged in) is a great idea, especially if that gives you the clearance to get excess water off of or away from wood furniture. These are all great things you “can do.” You don’t “have to” do them. It can help, if you’re able to. If there’s any threat whatsoever to your health or the health of someone else, just let us handle it.

Some Things not to do

We know that for many people, once water damage hits, there are a million things you want to do. You want to be able to save your home or commercial property (as well as your possessions) as quickly as possible. We understand that. But, there are some actions people take which can make things worse. For example, you may see that the ceiling is wet or sagging, and want to turn on your fan to help dry things out. Unfortunately, this could make things worse. First off, if the ceiling is sagging, stay out of the room period as its unsafe. On top of that, if you turn a ceiling fan in a room with a wet ceiling, you could cause harm to yourself or the fan.

If you’re a person who still gets a physical newspaper (and hopefully you are, supporting local newspapers is a good thing) you may want to put the papers down to blot up the water. While this is the right idea, it may end up making things worse. The papers could end up staining the floors, furniture, or wherever else that you put the papers. Even beyond that, these newspapers tend to be thin so they won’t soak up much water, either.

Electronics are one of the most expensive parts of any home or commercial property. Even when you get them out of a water damaged area, you may want to check them to make sure that they’re in good shape and ready to work again. However, we strongly recommend not turning them on until long after we’ve restored your property. In fact, you may want to let us look at them before you ever turn them on period, so as to not cause further damage to the electronics or yourself.

USA Restoration: Here to Help

Of course, the number one thing “not to do” is: “wait a long time to contact a water damage North Hollywood restoration company. Here at USA Restoration, we’re available 24 / 7 / 365 so that we can help you at any time. Since you don’t have to wait for us to open at 8 AM or something, we can work to remediate your water damage as quickly as possible.  As soon as you’re aware of any water damage in your property, contact us at (877) 959-8066.