When Water Damage occurs what to doWhat to do aftre a Water Damage

When any kind of water disturbance happens to a home like a storm, water leak or pipe bursting a home is going to suffer water damage. The water damage will be very difficult for the homeowner to repair on his own. Certified professionals such as USA Restoration should be called in to reduce and get rid of any damage as well as health threats. Water that floods the house can be contaminated and carry pathogens such as mold spores which now have the perfect environment to survive and grow in. If the situation isn’t treated properly with in 24-48 hours the mold spores will then spread throughout the structure and this is when it becomes very difficult to remove. Call USA Restoration immediately to help remove the water and remediate the home of mold.


Detection of Water Damage is sometimes hard until a few days later but that poses many health risks.

When a leak occurs or even when a lot of water is accidentally dumped onto the floor, a floor can be very porous and absorb some of the water that you think you may have cleaned up. It is not till a few days after that you notice a bubble or even an uneven floor now. This is called Water Damage; the water has seeped through and has now affected the material in your floor. USA Restoration can help with the clean up of Water Damage immediately and should be called before this even happens to avoid any further damage to your floors or cabinets. That’s not the only problem now of having an uneven surface. There could be mold growing and it only takes 24 hours to now grow from the moisture that the leak caused. As the moisture increases the bacteria and mold now present is multiplying at a rapid rate. Only if you act quickly and call USA Restoration they can help by cleaning up the moisture and mold before it seeps into the floors and then eventually into your furniture and clothing.


What you should do before entering your home after Water Damage

The first thing you should do before you enter into your home or workplace after water damage has occurred is to turn off the electricity. Any wires or appliances and devices that are plugged in may result in electrocution, which often causes serious injuries, and in some cases death. That is why it’s so important to contact a professional like USA Restoration; they know all the correct protocol and procedures that will enable safety in this situation. Another major concern in these situations that most people won’t know is that once a flood has occurred it may have brought in unwanted pests such as rats, reptiles and even snakes and they may be hiding out and can quickly strike once you enter the premises. This again is not a situation that you should handle and a professional at USA Restoration who are prepared with Hazmat suits can enter the premises and rid of all the unwanted water and more importantly pests.


Why Professionals should always be called during Water Damage

A water damage restoration professional such as USA Restoration has seen it all and because of their experience can quickly and immediately identify and remove the items that have been damaged. The most absorbing materials of moisture are found in mattresses, pillows, box springs and anything made from particleboard. The materials found in these items will exacerbate the mold spores and mold will grow exponentially. If you decide to get rid of these things on your own, you’re making a huge mistake because a certified USA Restoration water damage technician can help you to record and keep a list of these items for insurance purposes and will also document it with pictures and videos which will save you with the insurance agencies as well as maximize what you will receive in compensation. Contact USA Restoration today!


Water Damage Professionals are the only ones who can find and remove pockets of moisture.

USA Restoration Certified technicians uses many types of equipment to find and measure moisture that may be behind walls, tiles or any other materials that may not be wet to the touch. Once a technician finds a wet spot, they will have to remove the material such as dry wall or tile and have them exposed to air and then the USA Restoration professional will then immediately begin the clean up process. The USA restoration Pro is also able to speed up the drying by using specific equipment, which will further help the prevention of mold or any other harmful bacteria to grow. The USA Restoration Pro will also be able to see if there are any mold colonies forming and remove and remediate them immediately all in one call and that’s why it is very important to use a professional.