Water Damage Detection Tips(Do’s and Dont’s)

The Three most common signs of water damage

The first most common sign of water damage is the smell, which smells musky and musty

The second common sign is a fuzzy growth that is usually in most cases mold that can only appear in a wet humid area only after water damage has already occurred.

The third tell tale sign is a stain usually rusty brown in color and can happen on your ceilings or walls. These are signs of a leak, which also lead to water damage.

If you see or smell any of these things, you have water damage and it needs to be cleaned up immediately. Call USA Restoration and they can help to fix contain, treat and start restoring your house back to normal.


How to repair water damaged home

There are so many ways water damage can occur and every situation can be different. If there is a flood from a dishwasher leak, and you call someone right away like USA Restoration, the damage may not be extensive and just some drying equipment needs to be placed down and some repainting or touch ups to the affected area but again only if you’ve called USA Restoration immediately. If a pipe has broken then it will cause the wood to rot from the inside out. This will need more work and repair as now a pipe needs to be fixed and the walls affected need to be removed and reconstructed. In this situation you should also call USA Restoration to fix the water leak and to remove all the affected areas. They can have your home restored back to the way it was in no time.


Water Damage under your floor

Water damage can happen anywhere but when it happens to your floors, you’ll see unevenness in the floor as well as there could be bubbling and peeling. When this happens there’s a leak underneath and your floor and it can be dried with USA Restoration heavy drying equipment or needs to be stripped. USA Restoration can come in and detect where the leak is coming from and then strip the floor. This allows USA Restoration to save the structure of your house from sucking in any excess water and making the foundation unstable.


Water Damage Do’s and Don’ts

If you have water damage in your home, you DO need to fix it immediately, call USA Restoration, as it will worsen with time. DO find the source of where the water damage is coming from DO use a company that has experience like USA Restoration as they can tackle the situation immediately and efficiently. Don’t let the water Damage be left for more than 24 hours because mold will then also be another issue to deal with but USA Restoration can handle it all. Don’t try to fix the problem yourself, it will be costly and very overwhelming plus you want to make sure that you follow all the proper protocol which USA Restoration will and Don’t go with the cheapest fastest solution, its in your best interest as well as for your home to use the best company, USA Restoration, that will help you and have your home restored in no time.