Dealing with water damage is never pleasant. When water harms your home or other kind of building, you may have to deal with all kinds of things that you didn’t want to have to deal with before. That can include hiring a restoration company like ours to come in and get rid of the water while also protecting your valuables. One often overlooked thing that people have to deal with when water strikes are insurance companies. This is something that no one can ever really prepare for it. Worse, you have to deal with it when emotions and tensions are running high in the wake of the rain damage. Here at USA Restoration, we can assist you with insurance companies.

Our Water Damage Restoration Company

No one likes having to deal with the insurance company. This is not the sort of thing that someone looks forward to. However, it is necessary. We can make it easier. We do that by working directly with the insurance company. Instead of going through intermediaries or middle men, we work with them directly. Through that, we’re able to file your claim promptly, quickly and completely. By doing so, it also makes sure that, instead of having to wait and wait for your claim to be processed, it gets done quickly. Over the years, we’ve managed to save our clients quite a bit of money and time through doing this. We’re able to do through for a variety of reasons.

Water Damage and Insurance

Complete Inventory

In a best case scenario, rain or flood damage doesn’t lead to any of your items being lost. (In a true best case scenario, there’s no rain or flood damage whatsoever.) Unfortunately, items often are lost. When that happens, our professionals take a detailed, itemized inventory. This list will be complete. We do not mince words here – we make sure to accurately catalog everything. Moreover, you won’t just be handed this on a sheet of paper or something. You’ll given a spreadsheet with comprehensive descriptions. In fact, we even use pictures (when necessary) so that the form is as complete and thorough as possible. This tends to eliminate several questions that the insurance company might have.

Something Replaced, Something Restored

We’ve been helping people to deal with the after effects of flood and rain damage for a long time. That means we’ve gone through many flooded rooms, basements and the like. We’ve managed to save many of our clients’ belongings. In fact, we typically tend to restore items that they thought had been ruined or lost. In our experience, we’ve learned what items can be restored. We’ve also learned what items could be restored, but doing so would actually cost more than just replacing them. Now, we can put that experience to use for you. When our experts go through your belongings, we’ll explain in clear, specific detail which items can be restored and which should be replaced. Additionally, we’ll tell you why we believe that.

Utilizing Modern Technology

If you ever tried filing insurance claims for flood or rain damage (or anything really) before the rise of the internet, you may remember what a pain that was. Printing something out, mailing it in, waiting and so forth – the entire process seemingly tended to take forever. Now, we’re able to use our electronic claims service. Here, we can give you all of the documents you need for your claim in a moment’s notice. Instead of having to compile some large folder or something that you’d have to carry around with you, you’ll have everything you need with just a click of a button.

The “everything” in the above sentence truly covers “everything.” In these documents, we’ll make sure you have job cost data, thorough notices of loss, detailed, itemized estimates, verified photos and so many other important sources of information. Instead of having to scavenge for everything you need once you start talking to the insurance company, it will all be there in one, easy to reach place. We know how stressful this time can be. By working with us as assist you with the insurance companies; it’s one less thing you have to worry about. We believe that part of a restoration service’s duty is to restore our customers’ peace of mind.

From the moment we arrive on scene to the very end, we can be with you every step of the way. That includes our initial assessment, our clear estimates, and then the work process itself. It also includes dealing with the insurance company. We see it as one more thing that we can do for our customers to make their lives just a bit easier. To learn more about the process (or to call for damage restoration services) give us a ring at (800) 805-0541 or send us a message through our site.