After a very bad rain storm, you go around your home to see if there’s any damage. It doesn’t look like anything has been hit too badly, so you figure you got off easy. Then, in the next few days, you find yourself not feeling so well. Soon after, your spouse and children fall ill, too. These two facts may be related: it could be black mold. This kind of mold is one of those problems that people may not realize how serious it is until it’s too late. In this blog, we’ll explain a bit about mold as well as how our black mold removal contractors can help.

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Black mold is just one kind of mold that could be bothering you home. While there are thousands of different kinds of mold, only a few tend to find their ways into homes. “Aspergillus” has nothing to do with asparagus, but is the kind of mold most often found in households. This mold may be black, but tends not to be, as you can find it in colors like white, green, brown or yellow. If you have allergy problems, this mold very well might trigger them. However, it can cause more problems than that. It can also cause inflammation in your lungs, too.

We’ve helped people with water damage restoration services in the southern California area for many years. In that time, we’ve seen a lot of mold appear as a result of water damage. That’s where a mold called “Alternaria” comes from. Do you have asthma? This mold can cause you to have an attack. By that same token, even if you don’t have asthma, it can give you an allergic reaction. Yes, it can be black, but this also isn’t what we typically mean by “black mold.” Instead, this mold can also appear in a deep, thick brown or even grey.

Unfortunately, Alternaria isn’t the only mold that can cause asthma attacks. Cladosporium can do that and worse. We don’t tend to see this mold that much in southern California, as it tends to grow in lower temperatures than some of the other kinds of mold we encounter. However, in the winters, it sometimes does get cold at night in LA. That’s when this mold can appear. It tends to have a dark green color.

Then, there’s the black mold. When we say “black mold removal,” we tend to mean stachybotrys chartarum. This is the mold that, should it appear in your home, you need to get it out as quickly as possible. You name a physical problem that mold can cause, black mold does it: fatigue, sinus infections, asthma symptoms, asthma attacks and a whole host of respiratory problems. In fact, this black mold can even cause depression in some people.

You might have read to this point and thought: “OK, this black mold sounds really bad. But, how can I tell it’s the worst black mold when you said the other molds might be black, too?” With the worst black mold, it appears in areas that have had extended contact with water. This isn’t just “being in a puddle for a few hours.” For this mold to appear, the surface has to have been in contact with water and stayed that way. Another method to tell: this mold has a very distinctive musty odor.

Mold Spreads Through Moisture

For many people, when they have mold problems appear in their home, it can feel like something that happened over night. One day, your home was fine, the next, there was significant problems with mold. While it may seem that way to you, often, the mold spores will have been in your home for some time. You may not have noticed them because they were waiting for what they needed to grow: moisture.

Mold spores come into your home through air ducts, vents, your shoes, open windows – basically any way that your home has contact with the outside. The mold spores will truly become activated and begin to spread when there’s moisture in your home. That’s why water damage restoration is so necessary. When your home suffers water damage, there tends to be a whole lot more moisture in your home than there would be otherwise. That’s exactly what the mold is waiting for.

Also, it’s important to note that when you do begin to notice mold problems in your home, that’s rarely the only place that the mold is. Often, it started in areas of your home that aren’t easily visible or often checked. Then, the mold spreads to the rest of the home. For example, mold tends to begin to start in areas of your home that are very dark and very damp. When we come to homes, we usually find mold in crawl spaces, behind or under an appliance, or even at all points of the HVAC.

Mold as a Sign of Water Damage

Often, we’ll have clients call us who are confused about mold. They’ll say something like: “Hey, I see there’s mold growing in my home and I want your contractors to come and get rid of it. But I don’t get it, there hasn’t been a rain storm, there hasn’t been flooding. What gives?” in this case, the mold would be a sign that there’s some other kind of water damage in your home.

Think of the mold like the tip of an iceberg. The part of an iceberg that’s visible in the sea isn’t the only part of the iceberg, as it may be much larger below the service. The same goes for mold and water damage. If you see mold in one area of your home and there hasn’t been a recent storm, then you can assume there’s some larger water damage problem in the parts of your home that you can’t see.

This is where our experience with water damage restoration comes in so handy. Often, mold is a sign that there’s been a burst pipe somewhere. When your pipes burst, they’re probably going to do so behind a wall, or underneath your foundation. That’s not really an area you come into contact with often, so you may not realize there’s a problem until you see the mold. The same goes for slab leaks. A leak beneath your foundation slab could occur long before you see mold on the service.

Service When You Need It

We know that mold removal is one of those services typically can’t wait. Mold can take a significant toll on your health as well as the health of the people who care about you. You can’t go by letting you and yours cough, sneeze and worse. Black mold is not one of those problems that goes away on its own. It doesn’t just evaporate; it only gets worse.

That’s why you need to call in the professionals. Here at USA Restoration, we’ve helped with black mold removal for many years. We have the cutting edge inspection tools. No matter where the black mold is hiding, we can find it and then get to work making sure that it gets out of there.

Of course, mold removal is just one of our water damage restoration services. After a flood or terrible rain storm, your house may not feel like home anymore. That’s where we come in. No matter when you need us to arrive, we can be there quickly. Then, we can figure out exactly what the problem is as well as its scope. From there, we’ll put together a comprehensive plan of action and present you with a free estimate. This estimate will include everything that we’re going to do, with no hidden fees. Call us whenever you need help at (800) 805-0541 or message us through our USA Restoration site.