When a fire happens, the first thing you should do is call 911 and make sure you’ve cleared the premises. It’s a difficult thing, but there is no time to waste. You have to assess the damage. By all means, this is a difficult process. However, we’ve assembled a list of essential fire damage restoration tips to navigate the whole matter.

Fire Damage Restoration

The immediate aftermath

Before you do anything else, call a 24/7 restoration Emergency Service. They are available for all kinds of fires, in both private and public places. These people are professionals, and they will immediately come to analyze the extent of fire damage LA in your property. Why is calling an emergency service so important? Two reasons drive this decision:

When calling an emergency service for fire damage, they will give you an assessment on how the fire started and what can you do legally.

An often-forgotten benefit of calling an Emergency Fire Damage Service is to gain insight on how to handle the cleaning process. Depending on the nature and the extent of the fire, professionals can give you tips.

What should I do after the assessment?

After you’ve called restoration services LA and they’ve gone, it’s time to take a look at what can you do. The first step is to assess the safety of your house or apartment. Use a dust mask before entering and don’t forget an oxygen mask. After you’ve entered your home, walk slowly and re-check everything.

Although emergency restoration services aided you in assessing what happened, you still have to see how the situation develops. Did some of the walls weaken further? What about woodwork? Are the ceiling and carrier walls safe?

Fire Damage Restoration

Remember, if you aren’t safe while restoring your home, exit it immediately. Our fire damage restoration offers later cleaning as well. We implement an organic cleaner that is safe for everyone, especially kids and pets. We DO NOT recommend you to do the cleaning yourself after the fire, as many household cleaners contain bleach or some other unsafe substances. Give us a call and don’t risk it if you think you’re unsafe. It’s not worth it.

USA Restoration complies with insurance houses and adjuster, so we will provide photographic evidence and recollections of the incident. Don’t worry about further processes, as it all depends on the long-term damage of the fire. Remember, you can always work with us. Never risk going into an unsafe place. Call us toll-free at (800) 805-0541.