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Storm Damage Prevention Tips

If a storm has damaged your home you and your family’s safety should be the first thing you consider. If you suspect that your home is not safe to stay in make other arrangements until a professional can assess the damage.

If the safety of your home is not in question there are a few things you can do in order to help jump start the cleanup process and save yourself some time and money.
Here are some Storm Damage Prevention Tips and advice:

To Do

  • If there is small amounts of standing water use a mop or towels to soak them up.
  • Remove water from your furniture.
  • Unplug lamps and other electronic devices that may be in contact with water.
  • If windows are broken carefully sweep up glass or use a tarp to cover the area where the glass is.
  • You can use cardboard and even plastic wrap to temporarily close smaller size windows.
  • If safe (and it is summer) turn on the air conditioning to help with drying.
  • Remove any small items from areas where water may seep to.
  • Move any furniture with wooden legs out of standing water.

Do Not

  • Do not leave fabrics, throw rugs, towels, books or magazines on the floor. They soak up water and can create a hazard as well as additional damage.
  • Do not try to use your household vacuum to remove water.
  • Do not try to use any appliances or electronic devices in the damaged area. Also don’t use any electronic devices you fear may have been exposed to water.
  • If ceiling is wet, do not turn on lights or ceiling fans.
  • Do not try to get on the roof or ladder in an effort to cover up holes if you are not trained to do so. You may hurt yourself.

By following these few basic tips you can avoid further damage and/or injury to yourself and give yourself a jump start in the cleaning and restoration process.


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