There are many threats to your home that can cause you to dig deep in your pockets to fix them. Unfortunately, upkeep is a part of a homeowner’s responsibility and at times it can be a costly venture. Keeping yourself an education on what threats can create a financial problem in your home can mean that you are prepared to solve those issues. One of the first threats to your home is the presence of water where it shouldn’t be. You’ll want to keep an eye open for signs of leaking or condensation in places where it isn’t normal. Water stains on your ceilings or walls might not seem entirely threatening but as they grow bigger and mustier over time they lead to mold and continual damage. Water leaking can lead to damp carpet and puddling on surfaces as well as the ruining of paint. If you are experiencing water damage (from a busted plumbing pipe or roof leak) you will want to take care of it as soon as possible. You should take steps to carefully dry the wet areas of your home to eliminate the risk of mold. If you are suspicious of your plumbing or any other areas that may be causing leaks it would be best to hire a professional to inspect your home and find the sources to then fix. This can help to spot any issues that you couldn’t see for yourself.

Another risk to worry about is the biological contaminants that can make themselves at home in your home. This includes things such as molds, mildews, bacterias, animal danders, dust mites, insects and many other factors. If you’ve dealt with moisture issues in your home you should be safer from some bug infestations but keep in mind that some insects crave and seek out the damp. To avoid having issues with insects its best to ensure that your home is adequately ventilated and a humidity level that isn’t causing condensation. Keeping these biological contaminants out can be as easy as keeping a clean home and keeping things maintained. Doing so goes beyond your regular spring cleaning and working on things like changing heating and cooling filters. You should also have your systems (cooling.heating) regularly checked by a professional to ensure that these aren’t becoming a breeding ground for infestations like mold. When your ventilation systems aren’t properly cleaned they can easily become a factor in pushing airborne mold spores throughout your home. If you find that having your filters cleaned and your ventilation free of leaks is not solving your problems with air quality you may want to invest in an air purifying machine.


A further house and health harm that you may not think too much of is dust but it can work on creating respiratory issues for yourself and your family. When working to cut down on the amount of dust that is accumulating in your home you can work at things like reducing clutter, regularly cleaning your air conditioning filters and furnace. You can also begin a habit of leaving your shoes at the door to avoid tracking dirt and debris through the house. To capture dust particular as opposed to pushing them around, you will want to use a wet mop on your floors as well as a wet dusting rag for shelving and other surfaces.


One last thing to worry about before you panic and get into a deep cleaning mode is the chemicals you use while cleaning. If you want to deep clean the walls and ceilings of your home it may be best to contact a company such as USA Restoration. Hiring a cleaning crew could be just the answer especially if you have a home that has very high ceilings. It’s a struggle to clean your ceilings in a regular home so finding a company that practiced in it may be better than doing it yourself. When it comes to the chemicals you use you should be incredibly careful, mixing the wrong two together could have detrimental effects. The chemicals you should be worried about are Semi-volatile Organic Compounds (SVOCs). These chemicals can be found in dry cleaning solvents and in spot cleaning liquids and carpet cleaning fluids. SVOCs have been found to cause nervous system issues as well as a connection to carcinogens that cause cancer. They’re found in things such as mothballs as well as the flame retardants in furniture and paints. It’s better to minimize your expose to such substances in your home by using cleaning products that are safer for you. Getting the walls of your home professionally cleaned by a company like USA Restoration could be a much simpler route to take instead of breaking out potentially harmful chemicals and spending a weekend working away on it yourself. reach out to us at (800) 805-0541.