Professionals should always be called in to Cleanup Fire & Smoke Damage

After a fire has been put out in a home most people feel that their home is now safe and ready to be lived in again but it is not. There is a lot of clean up from the fire and then also from the water used to put out the fire and only professionals like USA Restoration are able to return your home back to normal. Although, the clean up may look easy at first to the homeowner or tenant but there needs to be level of expertise as well as manpower that is involved in restoring a home after a fire and USA Restoration has that experience, expertise, and manpower to make sure your home is livable.

Smoke Damage can deteriorate a house

Once a fire is stopped there are a lot of byproducts from the fire that can actually affect the house. The left over smoke and ash needs to be cleaned up other wise it will lead to corrosion and discoloration of your house as well as odor. USA Restoration are professionals at cleaning up smoke damage and if you call them immediately USA Restoration can stop the damage from becoming a bigger problem.


Always use a certified company to clean fire damage.

A lot of companies will say that they are able to clean up fire damage but you need to go with professionals like USA Restoration who have the proper training certifications needed to restore a house after a fire loss. Always look for a company that is IIRC certified, like USA Restoration. IIRC stands for The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and is the leader in the industry.


Ash from a fire can ruin everything if not cleaned immediately.

USA Restoration should be called in as soon as possible after a fire to clean up all the damage and to help restore your house immediately. Ash left on surfaces more than a few minutes to a few hours can start discoloring anything it has touched. If USA Restoration aren’t called immediately and you wait a few days, everything in your home will have to be replaced as metals will start to corrode and walls, clothes and fabrics will also start to discolor.