For so many of us, the foundation of our homes is concrete. Maybe it’s on top of gravel, soil or something else, but that concrete is the very base level and the beginning of our homes. Indeed, the rest of the home is built on top of that. So, as with any other kind of foundation, if there’s a threat to the foundation, the rest of the home is going to be weaker. That’s what makes slab leak repair so important. When there’s a leak under the concrete slab foundation, it can lead to a whole host of problems. In this blog, we’ll go over some signs of a slab leak as well as how we here at USA Restoration can help.

Slab Leak Repair

Signs You Need Slab Leak Repair

One clear sign that you have a slab leak that you need to do something about is if you feel a “hot spot” on your floor. That doesn’t mean that it’s one area of your floor that’s in the sun all day, or that a pet was just resting on, but a spot on the floor that’s warmer, far warmer than it should be. That doesn’t mean that it’s scalding hot, just warmer than it would be. In many cases, this would be in your basement, so that rules out the “warmed by the sun” idea.

The reason that the “warm spot on the floor” is considered a sign of a slab leak is that the warmth typically comes from a leak in the hot water lines. That means that the hot water isn’t just in your pipes anymore; instead, it’s not leaking into the concrete foundation. Unsure if it it’s a warm spot or not? An easy way to tell: step into it barefoot. Again, these typically aren’t burning hot, so you can know rather quickly whether or not that’s a hot spot.

Running Water = Run for Repair

If you live with others, then you probably hear running water at various times of the day. When the others are showering before work, school or going out; running water when they wash their hands before a meal, and so forth – those are just a few of the times that you would naturally expect to hear running water. However, a sign that you may have a slab leak is that you hear running water… when there’s no one around.

Should you hear running water when you’re all alone in the home, it could mean that you have a slab leak. Just as with the hot water spot, it could mean that one of the pipes has burst or leaked, which causes this water to just keep running when there’s nothing on. Should that happen and not go away, then it’s time to bring in our professionals.

Puddles in Your Home

Just as with the running water that you can’t tell where it came from, puddles that appear without explanation or reason are a clear sign of a slab leak. They often appear in strange places where you would never, ever expect a puddle to be – like under a cabinet. Many times, that’s how you can tell there’s been a slab leak. Typically, they tend to appear in the locations near where pipes and other fixtures are. Bathrooms, kitchens, washing areas – these are all areas where these puddles appear.

Now, you might be thinking: “OK, but the kitchen and the bathroom, those are areas where I would expect to see a puddle. How can I tell if it’s a slab leak?” well, as we said above, “without explanation or reason.” A puddle appearing on the floor after you’ve been washing dishes – probably overflow, water getting splashed around, etc. A puddle appearing on the floor by the bread basket, clear on the other side of the kitchen from the sink itself – probably a slab leak.

Lower Your Water Bills

Everyone feels like they pay too much for their water bills. However, if you see that your water bill is much, much higher than it has been previously, then that could be a slab leak. Instead of the water ever turning off, it just keeps going higher and higher. What makes it worse is that if your hot water line is compromised, too. That could make your bill even higher.

We can help with any repairing of slab leaks that you need. Our professionals will arrive at your door step, figure out the problem, and then quickly get to work in fixing it. The end goal of everything we do is to return your home to its pre-loss state, the way it was before you had any concerns about a slab leak. For more information about how all of this works, give our professionals a call at (800) 805-0541. Alternately, you could contact us through our site.