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As one of the top Mold Remediation Companies Los Angeles area, USA Restoration Pros has the reputation and expertise to do the best job possible with your satisfaction guaranteed.

There is no way to fully remove mold from a home. Mold spores exist on nearly every surface, but are harmless until they come into contact with water and have a chance to grow and spread. Any reference to removing mold here is meant to refer to the actual growing mold colonies. Anyone saying they can remove every mold spore from your home is providing you with incorrect information.

Remediation is the goal with mold. This process allows us to remove the growing mold colonies then deal with what allowed them to grow in the first place. In most cases this is a leak of some sort that allowed water to come into contact with mold spores. We find the source and repair it so that it won’t cause future mold colonies to grow.

Our Mold Remediation Process

  1. Inspection and Planning – The first thing USA Restoration Pros will do upon arrival is inspect your home and assess the level of mold damage. We will then create a plan to make certain all of the mold colonies are removed and any water sources that have caused the colonies to appear are properly dealt with.
  2. Containment – Our first active step is to remove the mold colonies from your home. We use a variety of methods to make certain that we properly and fully remove all the mold colonies from your home. In some cases this may require some construction work. Mold can get into walls, floors and other areas of the house. We may need to open these areas up to get at the mold.
  3. Filtration – Once we have removed the mold colonies from your home we bring in cutting edge air filtration systems that clean the air in your house and remove the currently spawning mold spores from taking root elsewhere and growing.
  4. Removing Mold Damaged Materials – Sometimes mold can damage wood and other products in your home. In order to make certain the mold does not return and those damaged areas are not a hazard we may need to remove and replace them.
  5. Cleanup – Our professionals use the newest and best techniques to clean your home and belongings including clothing, curtains, furniture and other items. We sanitize them and remove any odors so make certain they are clean and safe for you to use.
  6. Restoration – The last step in our process is to repair any areas that were damaged during the mold removal and remediation process. This can include everything from replacing drywall to flooring, roofing, carpets and painting. When our technicians leave you home the damaged area will look as good as new.

With many years of experience and training, and our proven process to guide them, our mold remediation specialist will quickly and professionally remove the active mold clusters from your house, remediate the home to prevent future outbreaks then restore your home to like new condition. Trust USA Restoration Pros to get the job done and keep your house safe for you and your family.

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Around the Clock Fast Response

When it comes to water, fire and storm damage, we understand that time is of the essence. We are available 24/7 and can immediately dispatch our team of experts to your home during your time of need.

Trained Experts in Their Field

Our technicians are experts in their fields. From storm and water cleanup to repairing fire and smoke damage to mold remediation, our professionals are highly trained in the latest techniques and equipment.

Cutting Edge Technology

We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in cleanup and restoration. We use cutting edge equipment and technology that allows us to cleanup, repair and restore your home quickly, professionally and affordably.