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Cleaning Mold After Water Damage

Cleaning mold after water damage can affect your belongings a number of ways. If the item was subjected to water it could have water damage. The mold itself may have grown on the item and damaged it in the process. USA Restoration Pros has a team of experts who can clean and restore your damaged belongings. Here are a few of the more common types of mold cleanup and restoration we offer.

Documents and Photographs

Mold and water can be devastating to documents and photos. We put into action a five step process to help clean and preserve them. First, we air dry the document or photo. Second, is a dehumidifying process to make certain it doesn’t soak up any more water. Third, we may choose to freeze dry the item. The fourth option is a vacuum freeze dry where we remove all oxygen from the document then free dry it. Last we can vacuum thermal dry the item. This process removes all oxygen from the document, but instead of using cold to dry it, we use heat.

If a document or photo has suffered damage from mold as well as water, we also have a process in place to help clean and remove that mold from your damaged photos and/or documents. This may take place before or after the steps listed above.

Electronic Cleanup

Electronic devices can suffer water damage as well as mold damage and still be restored. USA Restoration Pros has years of experience in how to clean and restore damaged electronics.

Water-damaged electronics can pose a serious threat. Do not try to operate any electronic item that you suspect may have suffered water damage.

We take swift action to clean and dry your electronics. If needed, we will use the services of an electronics technician if further internal cleaning or repair is needed.

Packing and Removing

If the water or mold damage to your house is extensive, we may opt to pack some of your belongings and remove them from the home. This allows for us to ensure these items are not damaged during the cleaning and restoration process.

In some cases we may need to take your items back to our facility to clean/repair them. If we must move your items for any reason we handle all packing and removal as needed. Once the full clean-up and restoration is complete we will move the items back into your home and unpack them.

Contents Claim Inventory Services (CCIS)

Sometimes the damage to items in your home will be too great for them to be repaired or restored. In these cases we offer full Contents Claim Inventory Services. We will use a variety of techniques including photographs and documentation to list the items that were lost during the damage. We will also help you to assess the pre-loss value of these items. We will provide you with detailed reports which you can use for insurance claims and we can assist you with those claims if need be. Our experts can help provide burden of proof to your insurance company making certain you are properly compensated for the lost item.

Nobody wants to think of losing their possessions to water damage, but if it does happen USA Restoration Pros can help you in the process of documenting the loss and getting the items replaced.

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