A new study out of Washington done on mice suggests that not only is mold bad for your lungs but also can cause brain damage.


As we know, mold in houses are bad for the lungs by inhaling them but now the spores make mice anxious and forgetful which comes from the brain, which was reported November 15, 2014 at the annual Society of Neuroscience meeting.


The experiment consisted of dripping low doses of Stachybotrys, toxic mold spores, into the nose of the mice three times in a week.

After the third week, the mice didn’t look sick but they were more anxious than the mice not treated. They were also forgetful, not remembering things that had been trained in them. This could also be seen internally in the brain with the drop in new brain cells being created. They also noticed that the mold’s toxins and structural proteins might also have an effect on the immune response in the brain, which can explain the complaints that people living with mold have which are cognitive problems and anxiety.


The experiment was conducted by Cheryl Harding, a psychologist, at the City University of New York.


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Vanessa Rose

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