How to get rid of Mold:
Mold has become a hot button issue as there are many health concerns that are now arising as well as many lawsuits. If you’re concerned about Mold in your home or workplace call USA Restoration and they can help you to remove it from your home or workplace.


Toxic Mold, what is it?

The term toxic mold gets used when there are high concentrations of mold and can cause health problems. As mold grows it produces spores called “mycotoxins” and they are airborne and can be ingested which will cause health problems. USA Restoration can help you with all your toxic mold problems from cleaning it up and remediating it.

Detect and prevent mold

Mold can be detected by sight, which shows up as spots it can also have a smell, which is musty. If you find any of these signs call USA Restoration to help you confirm that you have mold. If Mold is present, USA Restoration can remove it and clean it up for you,and is called “mold remediation”. After the mold has been cleaned up you need to make sure that you prevent it from coming back and USA Restoration can show you why the mold came up in that area in the first place and how to keep it from happening again.

Black Mold

Stachybotrys is the official name for black mold. It is mold that is toxic and may be fuzzy in texture as well as green and black in color. It needs a warm damp area to grow, the spores that are released from this type of mold are potent and can be toxic. If you see this type of mold growing anywhere in your home or office call USA Restoration and they will clean it and remediate it. USA Restoration will also conduct two mold tests to make sure they have cleaned up the mold.


Did you know mold toxins can alter your cells membrane which then will affect your cells and how they function? People who suffer from mold have a feeling that something just doesn’t feel right and this why. The cells are being changed by mold. If you feel you are suffering from mold toxin exposure call USA Restoration to clean and remediate your mold problem. USA Restoration can help you to get healthy again.