Exposure to Mold can lead to these symptoms:

If you have been exposed to mold you can expect to have symptoms of a runny nose, congestion, cough, irritation, asthma and many others. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, mold might be the culprit. Call USA Restoration and they can come and inspect your home or office for mold. If you have persistent health problems you should be checked out for mold exposure. If mold is found, USA Restoration can remove it immediately as well as fog the house to kill 98% of all mold spores that may be contaminating your air quality.

Sources of Mold Growth

When you are unable to detect a leak or where moisture buildup is coming from it’s in your best interest to get a mold test done. USA Restoration can conduct a mold test and find where the leak or moisture is coming from. If your home has suffered water damage then it leads to another source for mold growth and USA Restoration can dry and clean up the water damage and then remediate the area for mold in one visit.


Moisture breeds Mold!

If you have a mold problem, its because you have a consistent source of moisture to that area. You need to find out where it’s coming from and you have to stop it. USA Restoration can help you find your moisture source and then help you to clean up the are to stop the mold from growing. It is crucial if your home or workplace has sustained any water damage that are be dried within 24-48 hours to avoid mold growth. USA Restoration can dry the area in 24-48 hours using industrial-sized equipment call us today!

Detection of Mold

Mold can be detected by sight, swabs, and petrie dish tests as well as tape sampling. Once mold is detected it needs to be removed immediately. If you are unsure that you have mold call USA Restoration and have them conduct a mold test and if found positive they can clean and remove the mold immediately which is the most important part. Do not attempt to clean the mold yourself as you may affect your surfaces by not knowing what cleaner is appropriate. That’s why a professional like USA Restoration needs to be called in to ensure you don’t damage any area of your home.


Mold Stinks!

Mold can emit an odor, its musty and smells rotten. If you smell something like that its in your best interest to have a professional company like USA Restoration to come out and look for the source of the smell and the mold. Once the mold is found USA Restoration can clean and remediate it. If visible mold is not found that their may be mold spores that are floating around. In that case, USA Restoration can also fog the home to remove 98% of all the mold spores.

What is Remediation of Mold?

To stop mold from growing you have to remove all the factors it needs to survive. Once these are identified then the process of “remediation” takes place. The purpose of remediation is to clean and or remove areas of mold using the highest of standards outlined by the IICRC which is what USA Restoration does as its an IICRC certified firm. USA Restoration will remove any porous material that has a vast area of mold growth on it as well clean any surface that is non porous. The most important part of remediation is to figure out how the mold happened in the first place and fix it so that you will not grow mold there again.