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Mold and Water Damage Repair Contractors Burbank

April 28th, 2019

As of this writing, it’s springtime. That means warm weather, blooming flowers, and quite a bit of pollen. If you find yourself sneezing or stuffier than usual, this could be why. If you find yourself sneezing quite a bit inside your home or commercial property, it might not be pollen. It might be mold. While mold can produce allergens that can make you sneeze and worse, it can also create more hazardous health conditions for you, your family, your co-workers, and anyone else who comes into contact with it. At USA Restoration, our water damage repair contractors Burbank can eliminate the conditions that lead to mold, and we can also remove mold should it arrive.

Mold Expert and Water Damage Repair Contractors Burbank

It’s important to note that while we are experts in “mold removal,” there’s really no way to get mold out forever. After all, mold is basically everywhere, but it’s rarely dangerous. Normally, it’s just tiny, literally microscopic spores. They can’t really harm you. However, once they develop and grow, then they become a legitimate health hazard. Mold can be indoors, it can be outdoors. You can bring in it through open doors, but also through your clothes, your children, your pets – it’s important to note that mold is all around us.

As a water damage restoration company, we have lots of experience with mold for a simple reason: mold spores grow in moisture. That’s how they get bigger, creating those “colonies” that you’ve probably seen in pictures and on TV shows. That’s when they become dangerous: when they’ve rapidly grown into something awful. That’s where the allergens and health risks come from. Water damage leads to mold because when water comes into your property and causes damage, it basically goes everywhere.

Then, mold can grow in the hidden nooks and crannies. That’s why our water damage restoration company focuses so much on drying out the area completely. That way, we can remove water in areas that might not be visible to the naked eye. By that same token, mold does very well in any area with moisture in it. So, our water damage restoration makes it a priority to include dehumidifying as part of our process. That way, we literally take the moisture out of the air and the environment. With no moisture to draw from, mold can’t grow into a bigger problem. The best way to tackle mold is to stop it before it starts.

That being said, sometimes mold grows behind walls, in basements, and all other kinds of places that people can’t ordinarily see. However, they would feel the ill effects of the mold: sneezing, coughing and worse. That’s why we have several great infrared tools and the like: that way, we can find mold (and water damage) in areas where no one could see. USA Restoration pros are able to root out mold colonies and growth in places where others wouldn’t be aware that there’s any mold at all.

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Mold Advice

If you’ve read the above, you might think: “how can I know if mold is there if I can’t see it? Do I just have to wait till I’m sneezing or ill?” No, no you don’t. Mold itself gives off a strong musty scent. It’s not the kind of musty scent that you can dismiss. It will be obvious and clear. If you smell something musty in an area where there probably wouldn’t ordinarily be a musty scent, but there would be a high degree of moisture (your bathroom, the basement, the kitchen, laundry room, and similar areas) then you might have an issue with mold. That’s when it’s good to call in the professionals.

Here at USA Restoration, we’re always available for mold issues. If you’ve been reading these blogs, then you know that our experts are available to come help 24 / 7 / 365. We can help with any water damage restoration. However, that doesn’t mean that our all day long, year-round assistance is only available for water or fire damage. Mold is just as much of an emergency as the rest. Just as with water or fire damage, the longer the mold is left around, the more serious the problem can become. So, if you wake up in the middle of the night, and smell something musty where something musty shouldn’t be, then you can call our professionals.

The other reason for that is that you don’t want to try to clean the mold yourself. Even if you’re the most conscientious person, even if you’re very good at cleaning, you don’t want to take care of mold colonies by yourself. First off, they’re true health hazards. So, even if you take all the precautions possible, you could still end up getting ill. Here at USA Restoration, our trained pros have all of the gear technology and proven methods to clean the mold while keeping everyone safe.

On top of that, if you clean the mold yourself, you probably won’t get all of it. So, even if you manage to clean the mold you can see by yourself (not at all a safe bet and in fact deeply unlikely) then you may think the matter resolved. Of course, there will probably be more mold than that around, which can cause even further problems. We’ve heard horror stories about spraying bleach on mold or soaking it in disinfectants.

Understanding Mold

It’s important to realize that the mold we’re talking about is not a bit of grout on your bathroom mirror or in the shower. This isn’t a minor stain on the window. This is real, dangerous mold. You should treat it less like a stain and more like a threat. We’ve even heard of (and we swear this is true) people blowing drying mold to get it away. This makes a sort of sense: you’re trying to clear the mold away and use a tool that can keep you from being in contact with the mold. As you might imagine, not only is this ineffective, it can also make things much worse. Where there was just mold in one area, now there’s mold in the air, so it can fly somewhere and spread.

We understand the impulse to want to clean up mold problems yourself. This is the most human, normal thing in the world: it’s your home or commercial property; you want to do all that you can to protect it. Mold, in a way, is like an invader, harming you in your own place. As difficult as it might be to do, you have to just ignore the mold and contact USA Restoration. We’ll be there in a hurry to take care of the mold and when we’re done with it, it will be gone.

Many Kinds of Water Damage

Mold isn’t the only kind of threat to your home that you might not be able to see initially. Often, many of the water damage cases that we take involve burst pipes or slab leaks. These are in areas that people might not be able to see. Often, they’re first noticed as stains on the wall or ceiling. They can also manifest as pools of water on the ground that appear in areas where nothing was spilled. Left untreated, these can lead to significant water damage, even structurally damaging your home or other kind of property. Along the way, they can cause mold, too.

Water and mold damage are the kinds of problems that won’t just “go away.” They can’t be ignored, and they certainly won’t fix themselves. As soon as you recognize them, the best course of action is to give us a call at (877) 959-8066. We’ll be there as quickly as possible to figure out exactly what the source of the water damage is, stop it, and then get to work restoring your property to its pre-loss state.