There are few disasters more terrifying than a flood. The rushing water, the overwhelming force – it’s a genuinely frightening experience. The damage to your home, place of business or other building can be massive. When a flood comes through and leaves the place in devastation, it’s natural to think that your home will never be the same again. However, that’s where our flood damage restoration experts come in. We can arrive on the scene at your home and figure out exactly how to restore your home to its pre-flood condition. In this blog, we’ll go over a bit about how we do that here at USA Restoration and why you can count on us.

flood damage restoration

Flood Damage Restoration When You Need It

If your home is flooded at 3 AM, you don’t need the restoration services to show up at 9:30 AM. By then, the damage has had hours to sit and fester. Everything will be much worse. Waiting that long isn’t going to do anyone any good, especially for your home. That’s why our flood damage can be there any time, day or night. If you call us at 3 AM, someone will be here to get your call and dispatch our experts. With flood damage, every moment counts. It’s all important because our goal is to restore your building. Moreover, we’re trying to do that as quickly and completely as possible.

Experienced in Restoration

We’ve been doing this for a long time. It doesn’t always rain in southern California, but when it does, often it really comes down. So, we make sure that you always have the most qualified flood damage experts coming to your door. Everyone we send out has all of the proper licensing, certifications and qualifications. On top of that, they’re experienced. What they know about water damage restoration isn’t limited to a book. They have real-world, hands-on experience. Now, they can put that experience to use for your home.

First, the Inspection

Once we’re onsite, then it’s time to get to work. The first order of business is invariably to figure out exactly what happened. We perform a thorough investigation that starts the moment we arrive. By gathering as many facts on the ground as possible, we’re able to make the best decision about how to go about fixing what the flood did. We figure out where the water came from, where all it went, and what kind of damage it caused. Beyond that, we also look at potential damage it may have caused that isn’t necessarily visible from the human eye. That way, we can figure out the true extent of the flood damage.

Plan of Attack

After we’ve quickly gathered all of that information, we put together a detailed plan with everything you’re going to need. We do this rapidly, too. However, despite quickness with which we produce the plan, we make sure that it’s detailed. This plan is comprehensive. It contains a detailed listing of what all we’re going to do as well as how we’re going to do it. When you see this plan, you’ll be able to see how your home will look like again in its pre-loss condition

During this plan, we’ll dry out your home. We’ll dehumidify it. We’ll also make sure to clean and sanitize it, too. That way, you won’t have to worry about mold creeping in after the flood water is gone. Once the mold has a foothold, it can find a way to cause many problems. So, we make sure that once we’ve gotten rid of the water, we get rid of all of the conditions that can cause mold, too. That way, once the flood damage is restored, you can have your home back.

Restoration isn’t limited to just the after-effects of the flood damage itself. That’s why we pride ourselves on how we help our clients with their insurance. We know how challenging that can be. Indeed, the last thing anyone wants to have to do is deal with their insurance company. This can be even more challenging when it happens in the wake of flood damage, which can cause emotions to run high. It’s not easy to concentrate when your home has been damaged. So, when you contact your insurance company, they’ll be an experienced expert from USA Restoration by your side to walk you through the process.

No part of flood damage is easy. The entire event can be traumatic and trying, at best. However, there is hope. When flooding and other kinds of water take a toll on your home, our experts can restore your home. It can look like it did, or as we call it, its “pre-loss” state. Any time of day or night that you have a flood emergency, call us at (800) 805-0541 or head to our site.