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Our flood damage experts can be there to help 24/7/365. No matter when you need help with flooding, we can assist. Flooding can occur at any time, day or night, and when it does, there’s no time to spare. Left untreated, the damage from flooding can be devastating. Your home is important, too important to be left to amateurs or the untrained. When you hire USA Restoration, we can arrive quickly, figure out exactly what happened, and get right to work restoring your building to its pre-loss statement.

Types of Flood Damage

Many people don’t realize this, but “flooding” has multiple definitions, particularly when it comes to your insurance. For example, most homeowners insurance covers flooding that occurs from inside your home, but not that which originates from outside the home. We understand this may sound a bit confusing, but many homes flood from a toilet that won’t stop overflowing, a slab leak, a burst pipe, the roof caving in during a rainstorm, that kind of thing. These are all scenarios wherein the damage might be covered by your homeowners insurance.

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However, other kinds of flooding might not be covered by that insurance, requiring an entirely different kind of insurance. This kind of flooding is due to the river, creek or nearby lake overflowing. It might be a mudflow that built up momentum and swamped your property. It could be rising waters from the nearby area that just flooded your home. A good rule of thumb for you to determine what kind of flooding you’re experiencing: is yours the only building dealing with a problem? If so, then the flooding problem is internal, resulting in water damage. If other buildings are dealing with flooding, then the problem is flooding.

Of course, when your home is being overrun by water, you probably don’t have time to make a distinction as to why this is occurring. That’s when you should call in our professionals.

Water to Watch for

Obviously, you never want to have to deal with flooding waters in your home. Even just a little bit of overflowing water can lead to a whole host of problems. However, some kinds of flooding waters are worse than others. It’s important to know which is which so that you can best be prepared should flooding ever occur. To be clear, no matter what kind of flooding you’re experiencing and why, our pros from USA Restoration will make sure that your home or other kind of building is restored.

The first and probably most common type of flood water is called “Category 1.” This is also often referred to as “clean water.” This is the kind of flood most people are familiar with: the washer won’t stop leaking, a pipe bursts, the slab leaks, etc. This water isn’t contaminated whatsoever. So, it can be handled by removing the water, then making sure that everything is dried and ultimately dehumidified.

The second category, “grey water,” isn’t quite as clean. In fact, it gets the nickname “grey water” from possibly including some contamination. This means that it could include your dishwasher leaking or some other kind of leak from a source that may be less than pure. This is a bit more complicated to clean up. It could mean that everything has to be decontaminated and sanitized before your home is restored.

The third category of water is the one you want to avoid the most: “black water.” This is as noxious as it sounds. Sewage, standing water and worse – this stuff is very contaminated. Highly toxic, you should avoid it at all costs. One thing to consider: flood water, water that’s flooding your home that came from an outside source (like a river, creek or lake) is exclusively category 3. Even if you think the lake next door is clean or something similar, flood water like this is category 3.

Category 3 has to be dealt with by professionals, but really they all should be. People who try to deal with their own flood restoration end up missing so many problems. Here at USA Restoration, we have some of the absolute best tools in the business, to go with the best training. So, we can find the water damage behind the wall. We can discover the mold that’s lying and building just out of sight. Instead of letting these things fester and make your building that much worse, we can fix them before they become worse problems.

Restoration after Flooding

You can call our flood restoration services whenever. That isn’t a colloquialism or anything like that – we mean “whenever.” Our flood services are always available. You can’t schedule when your toilet is going to overflow, nor can you plan for an intense rainstorm. That’s why we make sure that our flood services are always available. Day or night, whenever your home or other kind of building floods, you need to be able to call in the professionals that you can trust.

When you contact our flood pros, we’ll come out to you as soon as possible. We understand that flooding is an emergency. That means we don’t show up “whenever,” it means that we get to you as soon as possible so that we can stop the situation from getting worse, and then get to work making it better.  So, once we arrive on the scene, we perform a thorough but fast assessment. This lets us know exactly what’s happening as well as why it’s happening.

After that’s taken care of, we present you with a complete plan of action. This plan covers everything that your job will need. There are no hidden fees, nasty surprises or bogus surcharges – our plan tells you everything you need to know about what your flood services will cost. Moreover, as this plan is highly detailed, it will tell you everything about what we’re going to do as well.

The Cleanup

Every plan of action to deal with flooding is different. After all, no two kinds of floods are the same. There’s quite a bit of difference between a toilet overflowing and a lake overflowing. However, many of our restoration processes are similar. No matter what we do, it’s all done with the same end goal in mind: making sure that you have a building that’s restored to its pre-loss state.

Most of our plans include us removing the standing water early on. That way, it can’t continue to weaken or otherwise harm your home. Utilizing only the best technology and cutting edge machinery, we remove the water completely. From there, we’re able to tackle the damaged area by itself. That means that it needs to be dried. Moreover, it has to be dried in such a way that doesn’t damage it further.

With new methods and techniques, we’re able to totally dry out your damaged area gently. While this process is gentle, the drying is complete. Once we’re done, there won’t be a drop of the flood water left basically. Of course, there will still be moisture in the air. That’s when we begin dehumidification. This process takes moisture out of the environment, which could lead to mold or worse. That way, we’re able to head off more problems before they worsen.

From there, we can finally clean the area. Once it’s clean, we sanitize it too, making sure that we’re getting all of it. Of course, “restoration” isn’t just limited to the flooding or the damage from the flooding. We can also help you with your insurance carrier as well. We know that no one likes to have to deal with insurance, so we see it as one more way that we can help. When flooding strikes, USA Restoration can do our part to make sure that your building returns to its pre-loss state. For help with flooding, contact us at (800) 805-0541.

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