Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

Fire can quickly cause serious damage to any home or building. Fire damage often includes other forms of damage, including smoke damage and potential water damage from the fire department, putting the fire out. Even a small fire can end up causing a large amount of damage. USA Restoration Pros specializes in fire damage repair and restoration and all of the side-effects that come with it.

Here are just a few reasons to choose USA Restoration Pros as your fire damage specialists.

Highly Trained Staff

Our response crews are made up of highly trained technicians who are experts in cleanup and restoration. Our team members go through extensive training and are constantly continuing their education to stay up on the field’s most recent and advanced developments.

We Restore, not Destroy

Many companies will simply come in, throw everything that is damaged away, and begin the cleanup process. We understand that many of your belongings have a sentimental value to you. We work hard to save your belongings and restore them to their original condition instead of just destroying them and having you purchase new items.

Fast Response

We understand that time is critical when restoring damaged parts of your home. Not only do you want to get back to a normal life, but the faster we respond, the better our chances of limiting any future water or mold damage that may occur. Our team will quickly formulate the best course of action then go to work cleaning up and restoring the damage done.

Professional Restoration Process

Our experts have decades of combined experience. They have devised a thorough, multi-step process to ensure that your home is cleaned and restored to like new condition.

Residential & Commercial

Fire damage can be devastating for a commercial or business property. Time spent restoring your business to the pre-fire conditions often means lost income and profitability. Fire damage often includes other forms of damage, including smoke damage and potential water damage from the fire department, putting the fire out. Our qualified and accredited commercial fire damage recovery professionals have the knowledge and equipment needed to get your business working again in no time.

Fire can quickly cause serious damage to any home or building. Even a small fire can end up causing a large amount of damage. USA Restoration specializes in commercial fire damage repair and restoration and all of the side-effects that come with it.

Fire Restoration Process

Returning your home to the condition before fire damage can be a big, challenging job. Often you are not just dealing with fire damage and Fire Restoration Process. Most fires also include smoke and soot damage throughout the house and water damage from the fire trucks that put the fire out.

The experts at USA Restoration Pros have put together a multi-step process that allows us to cleanup the damage then restore your home and belongings to their original condition.

1. Speedy Response – We understand that time is crucial. If your home suffered water damage during the fire, that water could continue to damage the home. The faster we act, the more damage we can prevent.

2. Assessment – Our expert technicians will do a thorough inspection of your home and assess the damage. From there, we will come up with a detailed plan for cleaning and restoring your home.

3. Further Damage Prevention – Fires may leave holes in the roof, walls, or doors. There can also be broken windows. We will immediately board up those holes to prevent them from causing any additional damage.

4. Water Removal – Our first major step is to remove any water that is in the house. We remove the water and dry the area, including a full dehumidifying process, to protect the rest of the house from any water damage.

5. Soot and Smoke Removal – It is not uncommon for smoke and soot to actually do more damage to your home than the fire itself. We use our specialized training and equipment to remove soot and smoke from all surfaces.

6. Cleanup – Once your home has been dried, the soot and smoke have been removed, and any holes to outside exposure have been closed; we begin the cleanup process. This can include using a variety of tools and equipment to remove the smoke odors from your home.

7. Restoration – This is the final step in the process where we return your home to its pre-fire condition. This can include installing new carpet, repairing the structure of your home, painting, and other major repairs. When our team is done, you will never be able to tell that your home had suffered any form of fire damage

Fire Damage Restoration Cost

If your house has been damaged in a fire, safety should be the first thing on your mind. Often there will be standing water from the fire department putting out the fire. With that comes the risk of slipping and falling as well as potential electrical issues. If you suspect that there is any chance your home is not safe to stay in, please make other arrangements. Your health and well-being should be your priority.

USA Restoration Pros understands that suffering fire damage your home and can be a traumatic and difficult thing to deal with. You may be emotional and unsure of what to do first. To help you out, we have put together a list of Fire Damage Restoration Cost Do’s and Don’ts that you should follow after a fire.


  • Try to keep it clean. Don’t walk through or touch the house’s damaged areas as you will likely track soot and debris into other parts of the house. You might lay towels, linens, or rugs down in clean areas of the home to avoid damaging carpets or floors as you walk on them.
  • If your electricity has been shut off, empty your refrigerator and freezer, then leave the door propped open.
  • You can wash the leaves on your houseplants to help remove any soot or smoke that may be on them.
  • Change any HVAC filters in the house and tape cheesecloth over your air registers. The odds are there are small bits of material from the fire in your air ducts. The filter and cheesecloth will catch them. After a few days, you can remove the cheesecloth and replace the filter again.


  • Don’t attempt to clean any electrical appliance or item that may have been damaged without consulting a professional. If there is water inside the item, it may be hazardous.
  • Don’t scrub walls or shampoo the carpets as you clean. There are specialized formulas we use to clean smoke, soot, water, and fire damaged areas. If you scrub with regular soap, you may do more harm than good.
  • Don’t eat any food that may have been exposed to the fire.
  • If the ceiling is wet, don’t turn on any lights or ceiling fixtures. The wiring may be damaged, and it could cause another fire.
  • Wait to send clothes to any cleaner. Smoke damaged clothes need to be cleaned using a special process, or the smoke smell will not come out.

By following these simple Do’s and Don’ts, you will keep yourself and your family safe, and you will be one step ahead as USA Restoration Pros steps in to professionally clean and restore your home.

Cleaning and Drying Your Belongs After Fire Damage

When a fire damages your home, there will likely be more residual damage than just what was burned. Smoke, soot, and potentially water or chemicals used to put out the fire can be just as damaging. This damage can reach far into your home beyond the initial area damaged in the actual fire.

Oftentimes furniture, clothes, personal items, and home electronics can be damaged directly or indirectly by the fire. USA Restoration Pros has years of experience cleaning and restoring homes and all of the belongings in them. We can work to restore your possessions to their pre-damaged condition.

Documents and Photographs

Fire can be devastating on documents and photos, but those that were not burnt can also suffer smoke and/or water damage. We put into action a five step process to help clean and preserve them. First, we air dry the document or photo. Second is a dehumidifying process to make certain it doesn’t soak up any more water. Third, we may choose to freeze dry the item. The fourth option is a vacuum freeze dry where we remove all oxygen from the document then free dry it. Last we can vacuum thermal dry the item. This removes all oxygen from the document, but instead of using cold to dry it, we use heat.

If a document suffered smoke damage instead of or in addition to water damage, we also have a process in place to help clean and remove that smoke from your damaged photos and/or documents. This may take place before or after the steps listed above.

Electronic Cleanup

Electronic devices can suffer smoke and soot damage as well as water damage and still be restored. USA Restoration Pros has years of experience in how to clean and restore damaged electronics.

Water-damaged electronics can pose a serious threat. Do not try to operate any electronic item that you suspect may have suffered water damage.

We take swift action to clean and dry your electronics. If needed, we will use an electronics technician’s services if further internal cleaning or repair is needed.

Packing and Removing

If the water or fire damage to your house is extensive, we may opt to pack some of your belongings and remove them from home. In some cases, this gives us more space to clean and restore the damaged items. In others, it gives us more room to begin the cleaning and repair process. It also allows us to ensure these items are not damaged during the cleaning and restoration process.

We handle all packing and removal as needed. Once the full clean-up and restoration are complete, we will move the items back into your home and unpack them.

Contents Claim Inventory Services (CCIS)

Sometimes the damage to items in your home will be too great for them to be repaired or restored. In these cases, we offer full Contents Claim Inventory Services. We will use various techniques, including photographs and documentation, to list the lost items during the damage. We will also help you to assess the preloss value of these items. We will provide you with detailed reports which you can use for insurance claims, and we can assist you with those claims if need be. Our experts can help provide the proof to your insurance company making certain you are properly compensated for the lost item.

Nobody wants to think of losing their possessions to water damage, but if it does happen, USA Restoration Pros can help you in the process of documenting the loss and getting the items replaced.