Fire Damage is devastating

Having a fire in your home is devastating, besides the loss of items and damage to your structure there is a plethora of other issues that the homeowner has to deal with. USA Restoration can help you clean out your home of smoke and soot. USA Restoration canFire and Smoke Damage also dry out the items in your home as well as your structure.


Fire Damage and Insurance

When you have fire damage, you would call your insurance company and they will send out their vendor of choice, which is not always the best choice. Their vendor means that they want to keep their insurance connection happy so they will make sure they cost the insurance the least amount of money which may have you losing thousands of dollars that you aren’t even aware of. It’s in your best interest to call your own service providers and get quotes which is acceptable and you chose who you feel comfortable with and it may even be the vendor that your insurance recommends but I just want to educate you that you have a choice. USA Restoration will make sure that you get everything you deserve plus the best customer service as that is our main priority.



Let USA Restoration help with your Fire DamageFire and Smoke Damage

USA Restoration is a one stop shop we can handle all your fire, smoke, water, mold damage and clean up as well pack your contents for safe keeping while the work is being completed as well as reconstruct clean and restore your house the way it was before. USA Restoration can give you a quote for all these services or even parts of it which ever you prefer.

USA Restoration can work hand in hand with your insurance company to make sure they follow all their guidelines as well as the IICRC guidelines to handle Fire, Smoke, and Water and Mold damage Remediation and Restoration. USA Restoration is an IICRC certified firm as well as employs IICRC certified technicians to handle all your Fire, Smoke, Water, Mold Damage Remediation and Restoration.

USA Restoration has a 98% customer satisfaction Rate! You should check us out on Yelp, FB, Google+, and many other social sites. Call USA Restoration today and Find out why we always make our customers happy. 1800.805.0541