Water damage repair experts know that this type of work is about so much more than just moving the water out of an area. Sure, that’s a major part of what we do, but we also do so much else in addition to that. There are many reasons for that, but one of the most important is to keep way mold. Mold can cause a whole host of problems for your home, place of business or anywhere else that has to deal with water damage. In this blog, we’ll go over some of the ways that USA Restoration can help repair your home from the problems of water damage.

Water Damage Repair Certification

Our pros at USA Restoration are just that: real restoration pros. They’ve not only done this many times before, they’re certified for it as well. indeed, before we ever even consider sending someone to your home or commercial building to help with water damage, they have to have passed all of their certifications with flying colors and then some. Your home any other kind of building is far too important to be left to anyone other than the best professionals. That’s where we come in at USA Restoration. By hiring the highest quality staff and then giving some of the best training in the business, we make sure that your building gets the water damage restoration services it deserves.

That same thought process extends to our technology, too. What was impossible just a few short years ago is now industry standards in water damage restoration. New tech comes out all of the time that can make a real difference. That’s why we’re committing to finding the best technology for your restoration job. Then, we make sure that our staff is fully trained on it, as well. That way, our employees can bring your building back to a pre-loss state.

Water damage repair

Working Quickly

In water damage restoration, it really is true that every second count. When you see that you have water damage in your home, the natural inclination might be to wait. After all, few of us have to deal with this consistently, so it may seem natural to just see if you can “wait it out,” maybe see if it will go away on its own, etc. While that might seem like the natural thing to do is, it is not the correct thing to do. When water’s allowed to just sit around for a period of time, the consequences can be quite dire indeed.

As with most problems about water damage, one of the biggest culprits is mold. Mold can cause a host of health problems for you, your family, or anyone else that’s even near the mold. Many of us have this idea of mold as something that develops over a period of time, but when water damage really strikes your building, it doesn’t have to wait around. Indeed, mold can grow within 24 hours of the initial water damage. That’s a full day. Sure, it may seem like a long period of time, but it’s really not.

That’s why our water damage restoration professionals work on a 24 7 365 schedule. We can be there very quickly to help deal with the mold. When you call us quickly, mold never even have that day to get started growing. We can take care of it long before it becomes a problem. With our fast working professionals, we can stop mold right in its tracks. We make sure that water doesn’t slip into crevices, cracks and worse, thus causing new mold.

Of course, while we work quickly, we also work with some of the best tech in the business. Utilizing all kinds of special tech, we can see the mold that you can’t. The naked eye, while powerful, can’t see through walls. Often, mold is on the other side, just growing and festering. Without our expert help and tech, you could believe that you had gotten rid of all of the mold, only for your health symptoms (as well as those who might live or work in the building with you) to get worse and worse. We can find far more mold than you ever would be able to before.

When you see mold, your first inclination might be to try and remove it. You may consider stabbing it, or trying to grab it with gloves on – but don’t. Many of the molds that you might see as a result of water damage are incredibly toxic. They’re the kind of toxic that should only be dealt with by professionals. You can never truly know if your gloves are going to be able to handle the mold, or if you’ll truly be able to get rid of it. Even if you get rid of the mold that you can see, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to get all of the mold that you can’t.

This is all the more reason to call the pros here at USA Restoration. We know how to find mold and remove it safely. We can do so without exposing your or others to it. When you see mold, and you’re suffering through water damage, wanting to attack the mold may seem like the right thing to do, even therapeutic in a way.  But, that could significantly make things worse for both your building and yourself.

Drying Out

Once we’ve removed the water from your building, we’ll also dry and dehumidify it. This is one more way that we can keep mold from being a problem. Mold lives in that moisture, that’s what allows it to grow. But, when we remove the water, and we remove the moisture from the air, then there’s no way for mold to come back. Whenever possible, we do everything we can to restore your items, as well. Some items can’t be helped when they’re hit by water damage, but others might be able to be restored.

One thing you can do, if at all possible to do safely, is to move items that may be at risk of being ruined if wet and get them to a dry location that’s completely safe. These are items like paintings, old photo albums, different kinds of art, items like that. You want to be very careful with electronics: while they’re highly expensive and you want to protect them as much as possible, you also have to be careful not to put yourself in danger. Make sure to turn the electricity off as soon as possible.

A little known tip, if you have books on bookshelves, is to keep them there. It’s natural to want to get them out of there as much as possible, but we recommend making sure they’re packed tightly (again, this is if you can do it safely). While this may seem counter intuitive, it can keep the pages from warping, even with all of the moisture in the air. A great tip that you may be more familiar with is opening as many cabinet doors, drawers and closets. That can help to dry the rooms out when the time comes. These are just little ideas of how you can make your restoration just a little bit better, should you have the time and safety.

USA Restoration

Here at USA Restoration, our services are available every day of the year at all times. That isn’t something we just say, and then when you call us, you’ll find you can’t get through to someone. No, we’re always available. When you call here, you’ll get a real, live human being who can help you. When we get your call, we’ll send our team out to your place to figure out what the problem is and then how we can fix it as quickly as possible. When you need repairs for your water damage, give us a call at (800) 805-0541.