Black Mold Removal Services

The scary part of Black Mold is that it is often times invisible and because of this it can grow anywhere, inside your home, your workplace and it can grow undetected for years and can spread exponentially when damp conditions occur like a storm, pipe leak or water spill. USA Restoration can help you to detect this hidden toxic mold. Once mold is detected you have to then remove it, clean it and remediate it and USA Restoration can start the job immediately to help you fix your problem of black mold.



Exposure to Black Mold can be affecting 37 Million Americans!

According to the Mayo Clinic, 37 million Americans suffer from chronic sinus infection but according to the study nearly all the cases were thought to be from a common mold but after the study was completed it was actually mold exposure. Black Mold is toxic and needs to be taken care of immediately. USA Restoration can detect mold-using mold testing kits and they can detect the mold in many areas. After its detected USA Restoration can clean up all your black mold as well as remediate and clean up any area that was affected.




A 1999 Mayo Clinic study finds a relationship between health problems and mold

There are quite a few health problems associated with mold, but according to this 1999 study, there is an association between mold and allergies, asthma, and even depression. The reactions that people have to mold are not on a seasonal basis it unfortunately affects people year round. It can also be invisible which is why you need to call a professional like USA Restoration who can detect most mold that is growing invisible or not. Once detected USA Restoration will contain the mold to not let it affect other areas of your workplace or home. USA Restoration will also clean and treat the areas affected making your workplace or home a safe environment again.



Dangerous and Invisible… Mold!

Even though most molds are usually described as “black mold”,
mold can actually be invisible as well as be different colors and can vary in size and shape. Some molds can also be touched as well as swallowed. In any of these cases mold is dangerous! It causes allergic reactions in many healthy adults every year. It can also affect children and seniors, as they are more susceptible. A weak immune system will also suffer complications from mold. Call USA Restoration today to clean and remediate all your mold issues. If you are unsure if you have mold, USA Restoration can also conduct mold tests to verify if you have mold.



Mold Hiding Places

Mold can grow on most surfaces and in any area and in every region of the world. Mold only needs a little water and humidity and bam you have mold! If the mold produces in a rapid rate it will then release toxins, which is then very harmful. Everyone should conduct monthly checks of all theses areas, attics, crawl spaces, basements, bathrooms and kitchens in ones home to make sure you are not breeding mold. If you find mold contact USA Restoration immediately and they can clean and remediate the mold immediately before it spreads into any other area. If you are unsure of anything you see, call USA Restoration and they can conduct mold tests on every area of your home.