When one of your pipes bursts, the first question is always: “what happened?” It’s natural to be confused as to why one of your pipes would all of a sudden leak or otherwise open. After all, we trust our pipes to do what they’re supposed to. Even with exposed pipes in your home or place of business, you don’t really have time to worry about your pipes all day long. In this blog, USA Restoration will go over some reasons that you may have dealt with a burst pipe, as well as some small things that you could do which may help keep your pipes from bursting in the future. Then, we’ll go over how we can help.

Burst Pipe Causes

As of this writing, it’s spring in southern California. This may seem like the time of year when you’re least likely to have to deal with some kind of pipe problem. The weather has gotten warmer; the rainy season doesn’t seem too particularly bad. Baseball season has started, and it can seem like summer is literally right around the corner. However, there are plenty of reasons that, even now; you may have to deal with a pipe that bursts on you.

As warm and even hot as the days can get here in southern California during springtime, the nights can get chilly. This can be a desert area, so when the wind picks up, you may still feel a chill. Those are exactly the kind of scenarios that can lead to a pipe opening on you. That fluctuation causes pipe problems: very warm, very cold, very warm, very cold – over and over and back again, all in a short period of time. To be clear, we’re still in SoCal and not northern Minnesota, but still, that back and forth can lead to a pipe problem.

Other causes of these pipe cracks, leaks and worse include many factors that build over time. We’ve seen plenty of pipes that end up leaking due to corrosion. Alternately, pipes can leak from having too much pressure over too long a period of time. It’s fine to have quite a bit of pressure in your pipes, but over the long haul, that can wear them down. If your water is of low quality, that too can lead to corrosion after several years.

Clearly, you can’t do anything about the weather. As you might have guessed from reading the above paragraph, there really isn’t all that much you can do sometimes to keep your pipes from leaking. Sure, you can try to keep an eye on the exposed pipes in your home. If they start to leak or crack, you want to call the professionals at USA Restoration as quickly as possible. But beyond that, we also recommend trying to keep your thermostat at a steady temperature. Sure, you can go up and down as the weather dictates, but having constant wild swings over a long period of time can cause problems.

Should you have any problems with your pipes, contact us at USA Restoration post haste. Not only will we figure out what the problem is, we’ll work with you and your insurance company. That way, hopefully you can pay as little as possible for the procedure. As with all things, this helps if you call us as early on as possible. From the moment you see any potential water damage that could come about due to pipes that have sprung a leak (or anything else) calling us quickly is in your best interests.

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Signs that you have a Pipe Problem

We know that not all of you have homes or commercial buildings with exposed pipes. If you do, you probably don’t check them all that often (which makes sense.) One sign of potential pipe problems that we do want to alert you to are pipes that have quite a bit of rust. If the pipes have a lot of rust, or are just positively red with it, it’s worth calling in the professionals to look at. This way, you can get out in front of the problems before they occur.

Often, people don’t realize they have a pipe that burst on them until long after it’s happened. Indeed, many of our “signs that something’s wrong with your pipes” occur after the fact, so you’re approaching them from a “rescue” perspective instead of a preparatory one. For example, one very clear sign that you have some kind of pipe problem is if puddles just start appearing in your home or other kind of building. If you’re walking around, and all of a suddenly puddles have just appeared.

To be clear, as with so many other things, you want to apply a bit of common sense to this. Be sure that you can completely rule out spills, ceiling leaks or the like. Once you can do that, then it may be time to call in our USA Restoration experts.  Sometimes, when your pipes have a problem, you don’t see puddles just appear in your building. Instead, you see mildew.

To be clear, mildew is the kind of thing that can appear in your home naturally. Sure, you want to get rid of it, but it makes sense to see it in areas where there’s plenty of running water. In the corners of your shower, sometimes in your sink, that kind of thing. Yes, you want to clean it up, but there’s water running through there, so it’s understandable.

What you want to be wary of is when mildew appears where there’s seemingly no running water. Once you see it on the floor, on carpets, appearing out of nowhere, then it’s time to bring in the USA Restoration experts. We can find out exactly what’s causing that mildew to form, and it’s probably going to be some kind of pipe or slab problem.

Stains and Noises

You don’t have to see pools of water for pipes to have caused problems throughout your home. For example, we recommend people call USA Restoration when they see water stains on the ceiling or on the walls. Those are the kinds of issues that mean the pipes have already started to leak or worse. Another sign to watch out for that people often overlook or flat out ignore is that if you start to hear odd noises throughout your home or building.

Homes and buildings naturally make noises as they shift, and certainly every unexplained noise isn’t a sign of water damage. However, if you do hear a dripping or even a hissing, particularly near areas like your sink or toilet, we strongly recommend that you contact USA Restoration. That can mean that your pipes have already started to leak or more, as water shouldn’t be flowing in those areas yet it is.

Restore with USA Restoration

No one wants to have to deal with pipe problems. When something goes wrong with your home, it can seem like an enormous hassle that you don’t want to deal with, one more problem on top of everything else. However, that’s where USA Restoration comes in. We can make this difficult process as easy as possible. For example, we can be there at any time. So you don’t have to worry about scheduling a meeting with us, or moving your schedule around for us to be there. We can be at your location at any time, day or night, so that you can get the help that you need.

We don’t just handle pipe problems, either. We can also assist with any slab leaks or other kinds of water damage. Fire damage is also something we can help your home to recover from as well. When water does a number on your home or commercial establishment, call us at (800) 805-0541.