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Dealing with Flood and Water Damage Restoration Los Angeles

June 14th, 2019

What happens after a flood in your LA home? You need to stop active leaks in your house. To do so, call water damage restoration in Los Angeles.

This type of service knows how to shut off any home water supply. It will stop any active leaks. In that way, you can begin the cleanup process. It has to be done as soon as possible to curb the damage.

Call Water Damage Restoration Los Angeles because Time Will Not Fix It Alone

Unfortunately, water damage cannot be healed with time. The longer you wait, the more damage your house will sustain.

It can escalate to microbial and mold growth in days. They do not only compromise your health but also of the other inhabitants in the house, like your pets.

With that in mind, it is imperative to clean up as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your house. Working with a reputable water damages restoration company in Los Angeles will help you process insurance claims later.

Restoring Home

How to deal with water damage will depend on a variety of factors. At USA Restoration, we treat every restoration job to be unique. The amount of work depends on the damage and how long the water has been there.

After calling our company, we will dispatch our technicians immediately. They will inspect your house after arrival. Inspection is vital to create a detailed timeline for a particular job.

Here are the common steps that could occur during the restoration process. Knowing them will help you know what is going to happen after.

water damage restoration Los Angeles


As mentioned, it is the first thing that we do upon arrival. Evaluating the extent of damage is necessary. We utilize different tools and equipment to measure content.

We may poke the top of the surfaces, like floors or ceilings to get a proper reading. We will also assess whether or not your house requires drying equipment.

Avoid Further Damage

It is pertinent that the water damage is treated ASAP. The longer it sits without treatment, the highly likely it causes additional damage.

If drying equipment is essential, we will put dehumidifiers in those areas to avert additional damage. It also protects the house from mold growth.

Dehumidifiers may be present for multiple nights. It depends on the length of time the standing water has been present and other factors. Our professionals will assess how long the dehumidifiers must be provided.

Fix Standing Water

Standing water must be removed immediately after flooding. It is one of the most important steps in the water damage restoration process. At USA Restoration, we utilize a different kind of vacuum. What it does is that it sucks up all the water in the area.

The length of time it takes for this process to be completed will depend on the material that is being dried. The size of the room and the amount of water will also affect the amount of time this step can take.


This step should only be done after the standing water has been eliminated. Our company has different types of equipment and air movers to circulate airflow in the room.

We may need to lift your carpet to make sure that the movers are getting to the most saturated part of the house. Floor mats may also be used in drawing water out of the floor.

Drilling holes in the drywall may be necessary. Before we do so, we need to ask your permission. This step may appear to be extreme. But it is crucial to ensure in completely drying the house without having to rebuild it.

It is also necessary to contain the area by taping off those wet areas. It will help to concentrate the heat to fully dry those areas that need to be dried out.

Containment is vital so that our crew can maintain the right temperature of the room. It will also help in drying the areas quickly and efficiently.


Our crew will monitor your house and stop by periodically to monitor the progress of the drying process. Monitoring involves assessing the dehumidifiers’ intake and humidity levels to ensure that they are not putting wet air out.

Our team of water damage restoration professionals in Los Angeles may move the equipment around your house to tackle some areas that are still wet. We may also steam clean your carpet.

Dong this process is vital to sanitize and deodorize the carpet properly. You may need to replace the padding of the carpet. It is quite cheaper than re-carpeting the entire house.

Sanitizing the wall is also part of our job. We believe that anything that has touched by the flood water must be sanitized. For that reason, we will clean the walls and hard-surface floors with soap and water first. Then, we will sanitize them using special sanitizer.

Completing the Job

Before we can confirm that the house is completely dried, we will conduct another evaluation step. Then, we will repair any damages in your house that have not been fixed by drying.

Mold Growth

Water damage can result in mold growth. That’s why you need to call our water damage restoration team as soon as possible to prevent these microbes from growing.

Mold will need moisture, food, oxygen, and temperature between 41 degrees and 104 degrees to thrive. In a flooded area, temperature and oxygen are easily met. The food can be found in the paper of the drywall.

Water trapped behind the walls must be properly expelled to alleviate the damage. Drying the areas immediately within 48 hours is a must.

Since mold can still thrive after cleanup, we continue to monitor your house and track musty odors in the area.

Is It Possible to Dry the House Yourself?

Some homeowners may consider drying their house by themselves after a flood. They will use fans and purchase wet vacuums. However, these pieces of equipment cannot totally dry out the damaged areas.

At USA Restoration, we have the proper tools in identifying mold-breeding wet areas. That’s why it is vital that you hire a professional to do this job for you. Drying out water damaged parts of the house requires a professional to take the job.

Now, if you still choose to do it yourself, you may end up spending more in the long run. Mold might have grown in your house and eat a significant portion of the foundation.

If that happens, you will need to rebuild the foundation, which can be expensive. In fact, it is multiple times expensive than just hiring a water damage restoration in Los Angeles to restore your house after a water damage incident.

Killing the Mold

Eliminating the mold yourself is not a good idea. You may think that you can just use bleach. But the fact is that what you are doing may also cause the spread of the mold to other parts of your house. Then, if you use your AC system, it can spread the spores in your house through the air.

If you wish to restore your house after water damage, you must do it right the first time. By that, it means that you need to call a professional water damage company in Los Angeles.

What USA Restoration Can Do?

Time is of the essence in dealing with water damage. For that reason, we respond to your call ASAP. Our team is available 24/7. We can immediately send our crew to your house within an hour after you call.

Our technicians will visit your house and assess the damage. These technicians are experts in repairing water damage, mold remediation, etc.

Since we are industry leaders in restoration, we only utilize cutting edge technology. It lets us clean up and restore your house quickly and affordable.

After flooding, never leave the water damage untreated. Do not allow the mold to set in. Call our water damage restoration Los Angeles team for a quick response: (800) 805-0541.