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A Water Damage Restoration Group Can Help When Water Pipes Burst

Water pipes burst is a common plumbing issue that can cause water damage. The damage has to be fixed immediately before it leads to expensive repair. Call water damage restoration group to prevent it from happening.

Pipes can rupture when temperatures are extremely low for several hours. When water freezes, it can expand in volume with tremendous force.

Thus, there will be increased pressure in the pipes that can go to 40,000 psi. Unfortunately, no pipe can hold such pressure. It results in the pipe to break open.

The break occurs where there is a formation of ice. However, it typically arises where the water pressure finds the weakest spot in the pipe. This spot can be inches or feet away from the frozen area.

When the pipes burst, water flows from them. The only way to stop it from flowing and causing further damage is to turn off the main water supply valve. You may also need to shut off the electricity. But this action may depend on the location of the leaks.

By shutting it off immediately, it prevents pouring thousands of gallons of water into your home. It can damage your flooring, ceilings and your precious possessions.

After shutting off the main water supply, you should open a faucet. Doing so will relieve the remaining pressure in the pipes.

Cleaning Up Water Damage Because of a Burst Pipe

After shutting off the main water supply valve, you may start assessing the situation. You may consider cleaning up the damage on your own. But the best way to face this situation is to hire a water damages restoration group.

Regardless of your choice, you should remove your items from the area ASAP. Transfer your personal items and furniture to a dry area. Then, damaged items must be disposed of to stop mold growth.

To clean up the water damage after a burst pipe incident, you must call a water damage restoration group. Call USA Restoration company. It is the go-to restoration company of many homeowners.


Extracting Standing Water

When you choose our services at USA Restoration, you can be sure that our team will arrive within 60 minutes after calling us. The first thing we do is to assess the damage and extract standing water.

One of the benefits of hiring our company is that we utilize a powerful pump that quickly extracts standing water. With this pump, it prevents water from going back to the damaged area.

Suck Up Remaining Water

To completely remove all standing water, we use a wet/dry vacuum. It sucks up the remaining water. The vacuum can get into small sections and go over the same damaged area repeatedly to completely extract water.

Sucking up the excess water is vital to level the area. In that way, it will just be damp to your touch. It also helps in making sure that there is no more visible water in the area.

After sucking up visible water, the drying process will start. You may use fans and dehumidifiers. However, it is best to use professional-grade equipment.

For that reason, it is ideal that you contact a water damage repair and restoration company. It uses state-of-the-art equipment that speeds up drying time. Thus, it lowers the likelihood of mold growth. It also prevents the development of musty odor.

At USA Restoration, we have a team of specialists that will lift the carpeting and dispose of the padding, which is made of a fibrous material that easily breaks down when wet.

Our team will also locate the burst pipe and replace them when necessary. You can do it on your own.

However, some ruptured pipes are difficult to access, especially if they are in a wall or ceiling. Our specialists will properly replace the pipes to ensure that they are no longer leaking. This is a vital step before restoring your house.

It is true that burst pipe repair can be done at any time of the restoration process. However, it is easiest to do after cleaning up most of the damage.


Although burst pipes are supply lines with clean water, it is vital to sanitize the area. We only use commercial-grade sanitizer to ensure the odors can be prevented. It also avoids mold development and growth.

Bleach is not effective in killing mold. Instead, we use a medical-grade sanitizing solution to fully sanitize the area. We also use a specialized machine that removes severe odors.

Restoring the Area

The reconstruction starts only after sanitizing the area. Our specialists can determine whether or not you need to install new flooring drywall. In most cases, you may also need to install new cabinets. If your house is carpeted, we will apply shampoo or steam clean your carpet to fully eliminate debris.

Let Our Team at USA Restoration to Restore Your House

At USA Restoration, we can handle any type of water damage, be it from broken pipes, malfunctioning appliances, storm floods or an overflowing toilet. Our team will respond to your request in 60 minutes. We will restore your house and get your life back to normal ASAP.

Our team can also work with your insurance company to help you make claims faster. In fact, we can bill your insurer directly. We have a team of experts who knows what to do in this kind of situation.

The Cost of Water Damage Restoration

It is not easy to give you an estimate without seeing the damage first. Do not worry as our company offers free estimates.

There are several factors that affect the overall cost of this project. Some of them are the source of the water, type of materials involved, amount of reconstruction, and the size of the affected area.

Your home insurance policy may cover all or a significant portion of the cost for the cleanup and restoration. For a no-obligation estimate, you may contact our team of specialists today.

Why Homeowners Choose Our Water Damage Restoration Group?

Our world-class service is just one of the reasons LA residents opt for our company when they need water damage restoration services. Our team of specialists has years of experience in this area.

We also utilize cutting edge tools and equipment to completely clean, dry and sanitize, as well as restore the damaged areas in your house.

At USA Restoration, we believe that having a pipe burst can lead to severe water damage if you wait for longer to call our team. We make our services accessible 24/7. After all, an emergency can happen at any time.

Do not wait for a few days before calling us. Once you call us, our team will visit your property and assess the situation quickly.

By reaching our team quickly, we can promptly solve your water damage problems. We can prevent further damage. You can also return to your house or building as quickly as possible.

It does not matter whether it is a slab leak or burst pipe. Our USA Restoration team can fix it.

We have handled various types of water damage in different types of buildings, be they a store, a warehouse, an office or a residential property. We have fixed them immediately before the water damage could even linger.

We have a fully trained expert staff that can give you a fast response time. Our cutting edge tools and equipment will make sure that fixing the damage can be done in a matter of days, depending on the extent of the damage.

Our services here include full cleaning and restoration. In that way, you do not need to hire a company to clean the house and another company to restore your property. We can do them all so you can go back to your house as if nothing happened.

To contact our water damage restoration group, please call us at (800) 805-0541.

What to Do Prior to a Major Storm

Being prepared for a major storm can be the difference between having a home standing by the end of it and having to solve many different storm damage problems. There are general home maintenance checks and preparations you should do as well as safety preparations that could make the passing of storm much easier on yourself and your family. In terms of home maintenance, you can do something like checking your roof regularly. This also includes keeping your downpipes and gutters clear (heavy rains and clogging can occur during a storm). In the case that the storm you are preparing for will include high winds, you will want to pick up any branches littered throughout your yard as well as put away or strap down any type of loose furniture that may get picked up in the wind.

When it comes to keeping your home safe during a storm you will want to ensure first and foremost that you have the right insurance for your home, car and other property pieces. You should also identify the safest spaces in your home to take shelter during a heavy storm. This is especially essential for tornadoes and storms that could shatter windows. As a homeowner, you may already know how to safely and quickly turn off your utilities. This can be essential during times where there may be power surges. You should know where and how to turn off your gas, water, and electricity if needed prior to a dangerous storm. You should also be prepared for long power outages. This is especially the case in situations such as heavy snowfall, power outages, and other life-threatening situations. Keep a supply of fresh water not only for drinking but for flushing toilets. You may want to invest in a camping stove and fuel. If you have a generation do no under any circumstances operate it in an enclosed space. You run a huge risk of falling victim to carbon monoxide poising which could kill you or your family members.

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding there are further steps you should take. One of the first things that you may overlook is storing dangerous chemicals that can leak into flood waters. If you have poisons or gardening chemicals (think Round-Up) you will want to try to store them in a place where they will be well above flood waters. Ensure that items you hold dear or have sentimental value are stored in a manner where flood waters won’t reach them. Furthermore, if you live in a location that plays host to tornadoes you should worry about the structural integrity of your home. You’ll want to have a builder or building inspector take a look at your home well before a storm to give you an idea of any measure you should take to get your house up to snuff. You should also fit your windows with metal screens or shutters to protect them from flying debris of a tornado.

Another way to be sure that you are prepared for a story is to make an inventory of all of your possessions. This type of step can be incredibly time consuming but can also be very valuable in the case that you must quickly evacuate your home due to the weather. There could be an instance where you return to a home that has been looted or isn’t standing any longer. Having an itemized list of your possessions (including their value) an easily help you insurance carried to create a quote for which your home and valuables are worth. Losing precious possessions can be heartbreaking and monetary compensation can’t cover the sentimental value but it can be the means by which you rebuild your life and create new memories with new items. When creating an inventory you will want to have a hard copy list of your items as well as a copy on a device such as a phone or ‘the cloud’. Additionally, making videos of the items in your home can be a great way to have a second version of a ‘list’ for evidence when making a claim about items lost in a storm.

One final way to be ready for a store is to have batteries and other emergency items available. This includes a first aid box with bandages and other safety measures. If you take medications you should have your prescriptions filled before a storm, if you need to have medication refrigerated be sure to have a cooler or some other non-electric way of keeping them stores and cold. Lastly, if post-storm your home has sustained damage and you need the help of a 24/7 professional restoration company you can call on the services of USA Restoration (800) 805-0541 now if you need assistance from the Storm Damage experts.


What to Do After Storm Damage

When you have been dealt the cards of a terrible storm you and your family may be dealing with a precarious situation post-storm. Damage to your home can be caused by a number of different weather events, the most common being tornadoes, hurricanes, and severe rains and winds. It can make things very dangerous if you’re not prepared and knowing what to do post-storm can be very helpful. When the storm has passed you shouldn’t walk outside and go about your day like any normal day. Instead, keep an ear on the radio and other news sources online to know whether the streets are safe for travel and that there aren’t any more weather problems expected. Leaving before you know that it’s safe to could put yourself and your family in unnecessary danger. When you have been cleared to move about as normal you should still be on alert for dangers that may have been missed by local authorities. This can include downed powerlines, metal objects near those downed lines and any standing bodies of water. Stepping into stagnant water can be an instantaneous way to get electrocuted and killed.

Furthermore, when dealing with the after-effects of a dangerous storm you do not want to enter any buildings that have been damaged structurally. Entering or leaving any buildings that have had their structural integrity put to a question will easily put yourself and your family in danger. If you are outside you must be sure to steer clear of trees that are damaged. This includes ones that are leaning heavily or have dangling limbs. Driving unnecessarily may also be something you want to question. Are you leaving your home for a definitive purpose or to have a poke around? If your community has suffered from something such as flooding you could unknowing be driving yourself (and your family) into water bogged situation. It’s quite possible that you have seen the many videos of citizens trapped in their cars in flood waters because they chose to drive around or could not get home safely. In this situation, some of those people had perished leaving their vehicle to wade through flood waters. Flood waters can be deceptively fast moving and getting pulled away from safety can happen in a matter of seconds.

Once things have calmed down post-storm event and you have the all clear to leave your home you should check on the elderly and disabled neighbors in your area. They may not have the strength, resources, and foresight of their younger, abled neighbors. When on your way to check on neighbors, depending on your location (geographically) you should be a way of any wildlife that may have been displaced during a flood or heavy storm. They could be scared or feeling threatened so steering clear may be the best route. If you have to travel to your neighbors via your car be sure to keep an eye out for obstructions in the road or any other big issues (downed trees and bridges).

Other means of being prepared after a storm include quickly turning off your gas meter if you smell gas around your home (avoid using open flame candles as well). You should also be sure that your fire extinguisher is on hand. You should also have extra batteries on hand an check your fire alarms and CO detectors. If you have pets they should be kept on a leash when outdoors. Post-storm can a stressful time for your entire family including your pets and that can only be made more so if your dog bests loose and runs off. If you have a situation post store that you feel is too much for you and your family to handle you can call a professional service to help you. When it comes to storm damage you want to be fast in fixing the issue so calling a professional service with haste can be one of your best solutions.

If you call USA Restoration you are getting around the clock response. Even if it’s 3 a.m. and you have an emergency, USA Restoration works 24/7 to address you storm damage emergencies. They have a team of experts that can be immediately dispatched to help you in your time of need. USA Restoration also has technicians that are experts in their fields. From water damage issues to storm damage or repairing smoke damage, cleaning mold or sort issues after a fire, these professionals have the knowledge and newest equipment. Your storm damage issues will not only be met with expert care but also with the most cutting edge technologies. USA Restoration is a leader in their field of clean up and restoring after detrimental events. All of our work is done with quickness and affordability in mind. If you would like to learn more read more about our different services on our website. Call (800) 805-0541 now if you need assistance from the Storm Damage experts.

Burst Pipes Water Damage Restoration Contractors in North Hollywood

Burst pipes can cause significant problems for your home. What makes them a special concern is that you may not know that the pipes have burst until it’s too late. They could have burst long ago and you may not suffer the consequences for some period of time. That’s why here at USA Restoration; we’re always ready to help you to with your burst pipes, slab leaks or really any other water damage problems. Our water damage restoration contractors in North Hollywood and the surrounding area are available 24/7/365 any time, day or night. In this blog, we’ll go over some signs that your pipes may be weakened or have already burst, what could have caused it, and what we can do about it.


What Causes Pipes to Burst

If you’re like most people, you tend not to worry about the pipes in your home. You just assume that they’re going to keep doing their job. After all, they always have. However, eventually, even something as reliable as pipes tend to wear down. We’ve seen pipes that have burst for all different kinds of reasons here at USA Restoration. Sometimes, there’s a clear reason that the pipes have burst. For example, maybe the insulation gets dislodged or damaged, or perhaps there just wasn’t enough insulation in the first place.

We’ve also seen pipes burst due to corrosion. Sometimes, at a soldered joint, the corrosion builds up over many years. Many of us in southern California travel during the winter months. Sure, it doesn’t get to sub zero temperatures exactly, but the nights can get quite cold. That’s when some of us put the heater on. If your heating system goes haywire, that could damage your pipes to the point where they burst. In the LA area, everyone wants to have the nicest, newest looking home. Many times, a poor remodel can damage the pipes to their breaking point, too.

Hard Water

There are seemingly as many reasons that pipes burst as there are pipes in homes today. We’ve seen them all: from pipes that weren’t installed right to pipes that were weak from the beginning and plenty others. However, one we do see from time to time is “hard water” buildup. The phrase “hard water” doesn’t mean that there’s something physically hard in the water itself. Instead, it just means that there’s plenty of calcium and magnesium in the water. That’s not a bad thing for you. You can consume and digest this water just fine.

However, that hard water can make it pretty rough on your pipes. That hard water can create quite a bit of mineral buildup. That slows the water down significantly. On top of that, these minerals can corrode the pipes quite a bit, too. Should anything happen to your pipes, USA Restoration can be there for you. You don’t have to wait around, nor do you have to worry. A burst pipe, for any reason, is a genuine emergency. It should be treated as such. That’s why we’re available at any time, day or night to help you to fix your pipes.

Burst Pipe Signs

Water pipes tend to be strong, but they aren’t invincible. Even the most durable pipes tend to wear down over time. When your water comes through the pipes, it tends to do so with quite a bit of water pressure. That’s what wears down the pipes. Over time, as they can’t handle the water pressure anymore, they could burst on you. In fact, that’s one of the big red flag signs that your pipes are weakened: the water pressure has lessened.

If the water pressure has gone down significantly, that could be a sign that your pipes are at a high risk of bursting. This can be caused by hard water causing minerals to build up or so many other reasons. Another sign that your pipes could be on the brink is if your water comes out in strange, odd colors. Rust can be a significant problem inside pipes over time. This can lead to brownish or yellowish water. As you might imagine, that’s as unhealthy as it looks.

When people hear the words “pipe leak,” they tend to think “puddle on the floor.” However, since these pipes tend not to be exposed in a person’s home, that’s not always what happens with these leaks. Instead, you may tend to see wall stains. Large stains on the wall are a clear sign of a pipe leak. Of course, you want to be clear that there isn’t some other reason for the wall stain (splash of pain, something leaking from above, etc). But, should you see wall stains, you’ll want to call USA Restoration as quickly as possible.

USA Restoration Water Damage Contractors in North Hollywood

Here at USA Restoration, we’ve helped so many people with their burst pipes. Drawing on those years of experience, we can figure out the right plan for you and your pipes. As we say at our site, we understand that “time is money.” The longer you have to wait for your pipes to get fixed, the more serious a problem it could become. That’s why we don’t wait. From the moment you call us, we spring into action to make sure that your burst pipes get taken care of as quickly as possible.

We understand that when you’re dealing with a burst pipe, it can all be a bit confusing. After all, it’s not like this is something you deal with every day. That’s why we do everything we can to make the situation as easy to understand as possible. Once we figure out the right plan of action for your pipes, we present it to you. We do this in the clearest, easiest to understand way possible. Instead of wondering what this is all going to cost and worrying about it, we tell you clearly.

That way, there are no hidden fees or anything like that after the process is complete. Instead of worrying, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing professionals are going to fix your burst pipes. To do so, we use the best, most advanced technology. We don’t use last year’s technology and just say that it’s new. Instead, we watch the market so that we can find what the best, most cutting edge advancements are. Then, our professionals train on them till they’re experts. That way, when it comes time to fix your pipes, we can do so in the best possible way.

When our experts arrive at your location, we’ll thorough inspect all of the damage from the burst pipe. In short order, we’ll learn everything there is to know. From there, we’ll make a detailed plan of action. This will include the estimate as well as everything that we’re going to do in precise detail. After that, we turn our attention to the standing water. Instead of letting it sit there a moment long, we remove every drop of it. At that point, we’ll be able to access the damaged area itself. We begin a drying process then, making sure that it gets as completely dry in a hurry. Then, we dehumidify this area, too. Once the moisture is out of the air, there’s less chance for mold.

At that point, cleanup begins. We make sure that your area isn’t just clean, but sanitized, too. It’s important to note that everything we say in this blog isn’t just for burst pipes: we can do it for any kind of water damage. Storm damage, slab leaks and anything else – if water damage harms your home, office or other building, you need professionals to take care of it in a hurry. Contact us at USA Restoration today at (800) 805-0541 or message us through our site.

Top Black Mold Contractors

After a very bad rain storm, you go around your home to see if there’s any damage. It doesn’t look like anything has been hit too badly, so you figure you got off easy. Then, in the next few days, you find yourself not feeling so well. Soon after, your spouse and children fall ill, too. These two facts may be related: it could be black mold. This kind of mold is one of those problems that people may not realize how serious it is until it’s too late. In this blog, we’ll explain a bit about mold as well as how our black mold removal contractors can help.


USA Restoration Black Mold Removal Contractors

Black mold is just one kind of mold that could be bothering you home. While there are thousands of different kinds of mold, only a few tend to find their ways into homes. “Aspergillus” has nothing to do with asparagus, but is the kind of mold most often found in households. This mold may be black, but tends not to be, as you can find it in colors like white, green, brown or yellow. If you have allergy problems, this mold very well might trigger them. However, it can cause more problems than that. It can also cause inflammation in your lungs, too.

We’ve helped people with water damage restoration services in the southern California area for many years. In that time, we’ve seen a lot of mold appear as a result of water damage. That’s where a mold called “Alternaria” comes from. Do you have asthma? This mold can cause you to have an attack. By that same token, even if you don’t have asthma, it can give you an allergic reaction. Yes, it can be black, but this also isn’t what we typically mean by “black mold.” Instead, this mold can also appear in a deep, thick brown or even grey.

Unfortunately, Alternaria isn’t the only mold that can cause asthma attacks. Cladosporium can do that and worse. We don’t tend to see this mold that much in southern California, as it tends to grow in lower temperatures than some of the other kinds of mold we encounter. However, in the winters, it sometimes does get cold at night in LA. That’s when this mold can appear. It tends to have a dark green color.

Then, there’s the black mold. When we say “black mold removal,” we tend to mean stachybotrys chartarum. This is the mold that, should it appear in your home, you need to get it out as quickly as possible. You name a physical problem that mold can cause, black mold does it: fatigue, sinus infections, asthma symptoms, asthma attacks and a whole host of respiratory problems. In fact, this black mold can even cause depression in some people.

You might have read to this point and thought: “OK, this black mold sounds really bad. But, how can I tell it’s the worst black mold when you said the other molds might be black, too?” With the worst black mold, it appears in areas that have had extended contact with water. This isn’t just “being in a puddle for a few hours.” For this mold to appear, the surface has to have been in contact with water and stayed that way. Another method to tell: this mold has a very distinctive musty odor.

Mold Spreads Through Moisture

For many people, when they have mold problems appear in their home, it can feel like something that happened over night. One day, your home was fine, the next, there was significant problems with mold. While it may seem that way to you, often, the mold spores will have been in your home for some time. You may not have noticed them because they were waiting for what they needed to grow: moisture.

Mold spores come into your home through air ducts, vents, your shoes, open windows – basically any way that your home has contact with the outside. The mold spores will truly become activated and begin to spread when there’s moisture in your home. That’s why water damage restoration is so necessary. When your home suffers water damage, there tends to be a whole lot more moisture in your home than there would be otherwise. That’s exactly what the mold is waiting for.

Also, it’s important to note that when you do begin to notice mold problems in your home, that’s rarely the only place that the mold is. Often, it started in areas of your home that aren’t easily visible or often checked. Then, the mold spreads to the rest of the home. For example, mold tends to begin to start in areas of your home that are very dark and very damp. When we come to homes, we usually find mold in crawl spaces, behind or under an appliance, or even at all points of the HVAC.

Mold as a Sign of Water Damage

Often, we’ll have clients call us who are confused about mold. They’ll say something like: “Hey, I see there’s mold growing in my home and I want your contractors to come and get rid of it. But I don’t get it, there hasn’t been a rain storm, there hasn’t been flooding. What gives?” in this case, the mold would be a sign that there’s some other kind of water damage in your home.

Think of the mold like the tip of an iceberg. The part of an iceberg that’s visible in the sea isn’t the only part of the iceberg, as it may be much larger below the service. The same goes for mold and water damage. If you see mold in one area of your home and there hasn’t been a recent storm, then you can assume there’s some larger water damage problem in the parts of your home that you can’t see.

This is where our experience with water damage restoration comes in so handy. Often, mold is a sign that there’s been a burst pipe somewhere. When your pipes burst, they’re probably going to do so behind a wall, or underneath your foundation. That’s not really an area you come into contact with often, so you may not realize there’s a problem until you see the mold. The same goes for slab leaks. A leak beneath your foundation slab could occur long before you see mold on the service.

Service When You Need It

We know that mold removal is one of those services typically can’t wait. Mold can take a significant toll on your health as well as the health of the people who care about you. You can’t go by letting you and yours cough, sneeze and worse. Black mold is not one of those problems that goes away on its own. It doesn’t just evaporate; it only gets worse.

That’s why you need to call in the professionals. Here at USA Restoration, we’ve helped with black mold removal for many years. We have the cutting edge inspection tools. No matter where the black mold is hiding, we can find it and then get to work making sure that it gets out of there.

Of course, mold removal is just one of our water damage restoration services. After a flood or terrible rain storm, your house may not feel like home anymore. That’s where we come in. No matter when you need us to arrive, we can be there quickly. Then, we can figure out exactly what the problem is as well as its scope. From there, we’ll put together a comprehensive plan of action and present you with a free estimate. This estimate will include everything that we’re going to do, with no hidden fees. Call us whenever you need help at (800) 805-0541 or message us through our USA Restoration site.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning isn’t the kind of thing that most people think of often. With all that you have to worry about in your day to day life, making sure your air ducts are clean rarely comes up. However, it is important to have clean air ducts. This isn’t something you have to worry about every day or always keep an eye on (it’s not like taking out the trash, doing the dishes, etc.) But, making sure that you have clean air ducts can save you time, money and a lot of headaches. In this blog, we’ll go over how you can tell it’s time to get your air ducts cleaned as well as how we at USA Restoration can help.


Air Duct Cleaning with USA Restoration

We make it a point to always use the most advanced equipment on the market for cleaning your air ducts. We’ve been making air ducts clean for a long time. During that time, we’ve seen the technology used in the cleaning of air ducts advance far from where it was when we started. That’s why we always make sure to be in on the most up to date tech and bring it to our customers. We can get your air ducts far cleaner than they ever were before. Moreover, we’re always finding new technology, so we’re always finding new and better ways to keep your clean your ducts.

The Importance of Air Ducts

You may be reading this and think “why is it important that I have clean air ducts?” The truth is that air ducts are critically important to the quality of the air in your home. On average, it’s generally assumed that air cycles (through your ducts) and your entire home roughly seven times a day. So, that’s a little more than every three hours. If there’s something in there that’s causing a problem or is otherwise unsanitary, that’s a massive health problem in your home. You trust that the place you and your loved one’s life is going to have high quality, healthy air – clean air ducts can make sure that’s the case.

Signs Your Ducts Need To be Cleaned

One of the clearest signs that you need to have your air ducts cleaned is that you see dirt and other kinds of debris around the vents. Air ducts are so susceptible to picking up dirt and other kinds of grime. Often, if you see that dirt and debris, it means that something’s blocking your ducts. Inside them, there’s some kind of blockade (in all likelihood) which is why you’re seeing the dirt and debris at the edge. When we show up, we can get rid of the debris you can see as well as the blockade that you can’t.

Other Signs Ducts Need To be Cleaned

Living in southern California, there are going to be months where you have higher energy bills. For many of us, those are the summer months – when we have our air conditioning on for what feels like all June, July, and August. However, if you see that your bills are extremely high when you maybe didn’t run your energy that much, then this could be a sign that your air ducts could use a clean. What happens is that debris and other kinds of problems get into your ducts and then make them less efficient. That shows up on your bill as more energy being used.

Another often overlooked sign of air ducts that could be cleaned is if you or other members of your family start having bad respiratory, sinus, allergy or even asthma problems. Obviously, this isn’t always the fault of the air ducts. In southern California, one’s allergies can pick up when the seasons change, that kind of thing. However, if everyone in your home suddenly has the worst allergy or respiratory concerns than they might during other times of the year (or even in comparison to people they know) then it might be time to bring in the professionals to clean your air ducts.

In addition to cleaning your air ducts, we can also sit down with you and tell you about how you can keep your air ducts and HVAC unit clean throughout the year. At the end of the day, what we’re able to do is restore efficiency to your air ducts. We can make them that much more efficient, which not only saves you money, it makes your home a healthier place to be.

Should you have a concern about your air ducts, reach out to us at (800) 805-0541. USA Restoration has the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. When someone from our company comes out to look at your air ducts, you can rest assured that they’re trained, insured and can get the job done right. For more info, you can go to our site as well.

CDC and EDA advisory

The CDC and EDA both believe that mold should be dealt with promptly call USA Restoration Pros they can help you immediately with any mold or water damage issues. Both of these organizations also recommend controlling the moisture indoors, which will create mold. If there is a leak of any kind small or big USA Restoration Pros can dry that area immediately and both entities agree that the first 48 hours are crucial in mold growth.


Vanessa Rose

USA Restoration Pros