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Burst Pipes

pipes are a real problem. Homes, offices, and other kinds of buildings aren’t built for water to just go anywhere. When people think of “bursting pipes,” they tend to think of something dramatic: a pipe exploding as water sprays all through a room. However, it’s often something harder to notice than that. When these pipes break, leak or otherwise crack, you need experienced professionals that you can trust on the case. Here at USA Restoration, we have years of experience in helping folks to deal with bursting pipes and other kinds of water damage.

Burst Pipes Professionals

Of all the different kinds of water damage that we help with here at USA Restoration, bursting pipes are some of the most common. There are more reasons that cause pipes to burst than you might think. Often, it’s due to toilets or drains that are blocked, or otherwise backed up. Then, before you know it, they leak or burst, which leads to all kinds of water damage. Your garbage disposals can malfunction, too, potentially leading to pipe damage. Pipes can be damaged for all kinds of reasons. We’ve even seen them cracked by roots from nearby trees. No matter how your pipes were damaged, we can help you to fix them and deal with the aftermath.

Signs a Pipe has Burst

Many times, when your pipe burst, you won’t be able to notice it at first. Over time, this water can damage your flooring and walls in practically any room. Over the years, we’ve seen burst pipes cause problems in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, basements and everywhere else. Typically, one of the first signs of a burst pipe is some kind of water pooling or other visible sign of damage. Perhaps it’s a puddle in your basement. Maybe it’s some kind of watermark on your wall. Those can be a clear sign that a pipe has burst and you have to do something.

Cement is so strong; we tend to think of it as essentially invulnerable. However, a burst pipe can lead to problems for your cement, too. One very clear sign that your building has some kind of pipe leak problem is if the color of the cement has changed. Cement isn’t exactly a soft material, so for water to get in there and alter its color, something obviously has gone wrong. These are the kinds of circumstances within which you need to call someone that’s experienced in dealing with burst pipes and what they bring, like the pros here at USA Restoration.

A major reason for that is that the consequences for letting a pipe burst go are grave indeed. If you don’t fix a pipe burst quickly, it can cause an assortment of problems. Indeed, nothing good comes from waiting, neither for you or your building. All of that moisture can quickly lead to mold. Most people think that mold is something that develops over a period of time, however in regards to a pipe burst or slab leak, mold can appear in as little as 24 hours. When that occurs, it can cause structural problems for your building as well as health problems for your family.

USA Restoration: Here When You Need Us

When a pipe bursts on your property, there’s no time to waste. That’s why we’re available 24/7/365. We know that pipes can burst at any time. They don’t wait for the weekend; they certainly aren’t on any kind of schedule. So, we make ourselves always available. That way, we can solve our clients’ problems quickly. By getting to your building in as rapid a manner as possible, not only can we stop further damage from occurring, we can return your building to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible.

Here at USA Restoration, we can help with slab leaks and burst pipes at any kind of building. We’ve helped many families by fixing their burst pipes, so that their house can truly be a home. By that same token, we’ve assisted many businesses with having an office, store, warehouse or other kind of commercial building that’s free from the effects of water damage. Whether you’re housing a family, your inventory, or everything in between, you can’t afford to let water damage linger. That’s where we come in. We can be there at any time to start setting things right.

Return to a Pre-Loss Condition

The ways USA Restoration can help you to deal with burst pipes isn’t limited to the pipes themselves. For example, we can also help you deal with the insurance companies as well. We know how overwhelming it can feel to have your home essentially be flooded while you also have to take on the insurance company, but we can be by your side the entire way. Over the years, we’ve helped so many of our clients to file a claim and get it processed with all kinds of insurance carriers quickly and correctly.

In fact, insurance is one more reason that you want to contact USA Restoration to help you to deal with water damage quickly. Many may not realize this, but slab leaks and the like are covered by insurance. So, even if we have to remove all of the flooring, get in there to the pipes, open up the walls and similar large renovations, it can be covered by the insurance. However, unfortunately, mold typically isn’t covered by the insurance companies. That means that if you do “let things go,” and then mold does develop, you may have to pay yourself for all of that resultant mold damage. This is, quite literally, the last thing you want to have to do. So, if you notice any potential problems with burst pipes, contact USA Restoration as quickly as possible.

In our area, many of our problems with burst pipes typically don’t come about due to the pipes having frozen. However, many times the problem with someone’s pipes is that they’re old. Pipes rust, they wear down, and over time, this can cause them to weaken. Weak pipes are the ones that are most likely to break, burst, leak and thus cause all of these problems. Should you worry that your pipes are aging or old, contact the professionals. It can be a lot less expensive than dealing with a problem later on.

All of this being said about slab leaks and burst pipes, it’s important to keep in mind that they’re far from being the only causes of water damage. Water damage can strike in a variety of ways: HVAC units can malfunction and fail, household appliances can cause serious problems, flooding from rainstorms, and so many other factors can cause significant water damage. Here at USA Restoration, we can help to restore your property to its pre-loss condition no matter how the water damage originated. We’ve been doing this for quite some time in the southern California area. We know what causes water damage as well as how to fix it. Now, we can put that experience to work for your property, getting it back to its pre-loss condition quickly and completely.

Don’t hesitate if you feel there’s an issue with burst pipes. Our contractors will get to you quickly, and then make an assessment as to what the problem is. We’ll give you a free estimate for our services. It’s important to note that this estimate doesn’t include any surprise costs or anything like that. When we tell you the estimate, that’s what you’ll be paying.

From there, we can figure out the best way to deal with your pipes as well as mitigate any potential damage the water has caused. Your property can return to its pre-loss condition. When you need help with pipes that have burst, or suspect that your pipes may have already burst, give us a call at (800) 805-0541.

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