Burst pipes can cause significant problems for your home. What makes them a special concern is that you may not know that the pipes have burst until it’s too late. They could have burst long ago and you may not suffer the consequences for some period of time. That’s why here at USA Restoration; we’re always ready to help you to with your burst pipes, slab leaks or really any other water damage problems. Our water damage restoration contractors in North Hollywood and the surrounding area are available 24/7/365 any time, day or night. In this blog, we’ll go over some signs that your pipes may be weakened or have already burst, what could have caused it, and what we can do about it.

Burst Pipes Water Damage Restoration Contactors in North Hollywood

What Causes Pipes to Burst

If you’re like most people, you tend not to worry about the pipes in your home. You just assume that they’re going to keep doing their job. After all, they always have. However, eventually, even something as reliable as pipes tend to wear down. We’ve seen pipes that have burst for all different kinds of reasons here at USA Restoration. Sometimes, there’s a clear reason that the pipes have burst. For example, maybe the insulation gets dislodged or damaged, or perhaps there just wasn’t enough insulation in the first place.

We’ve also seen pipes burst due to corrosion. Sometimes, at a soldered joint, the corrosion builds up over many years. Many of us in southern California travel during the winter months. Sure, it doesn’t get to sub zero temperatures exactly, but the nights can get quite cold. That’s when some of us put the heater on. If your heating system goes haywire, that could damage your pipes to the point where they burst. In the LA area, everyone wants to have the nicest, newest looking home. Many times, a poor remodel can damage the pipes to their breaking point, too.

Hard Water

There are seemingly as many reasons that pipes burst as there are pipes in homes today. We’ve seen them all: from pipes that weren’t installed right to pipes that were weak from the beginning and plenty others. However, one we do see from time to time is “hard water” buildup. The phrase “hard water” doesn’t mean that there’s something physically hard in the water itself. Instead, it just means that there’s plenty of calcium and magnesium in the water. That’s not a bad thing for you. You can consume and digest this water just fine.

However, that hard water can make it pretty rough on your pipes. That hard water can create quite a bit of mineral buildup. That slows the water down significantly. On top of that, these minerals can corrode the pipes quite a bit, too. Should anything happen to your pipes, USA Restoration can be there for you. You don’t have to wait around, nor do you have to worry. A burst pipe, for any reason, is a genuine emergency. It should be treated as such. That’s why we’re available at any time, day or night to help you to fix your pipes.

Burst Pipe Signs

Water pipes tend to be strong, but they aren’t invincible. Even the most durable pipes tend to wear down over time. When your water comes through the pipes, it tends to do so with quite a bit of water pressure. That’s what wears down the pipes. Over time, as they can’t handle the water pressure anymore, they could burst on you. In fact, that’s one of the big red flag signs that your pipes are weakened: the water pressure has lessened.

If the water pressure has gone down significantly, that could be a sign that your pipes are at a high risk of bursting. This can be caused by hard water causing minerals to build up or so many other reasons. Another sign that your pipes could be on the brink is if your water comes out in strange, odd colors. Rust can be a significant problem inside pipes over time. This can lead to brownish or yellowish water. As you might imagine, that’s as unhealthy as it looks.

When people hear the words “pipe leak,” they tend to think “puddle on the floor.” However, since these pipes tend not to be exposed in a person’s home, that’s not always what happens with these leaks. Instead, you may tend to see wall stains. Large stains on the wall are a clear sign of a pipe leak. Of course, you want to be clear that there isn’t some other reason for the wall stain (splash of pain, something leaking from above, etc). But, should you see wall stains, you’ll want to call USA Restoration as quickly as possible.

USA Restoration Water Damage Contractors in North Hollywood

Here at USA Restoration, we’ve helped so many people with their burst pipes. Drawing on those years of experience, we can figure out the right plan for you and your pipes. As we say at our site, we understand that “time is money.” The longer you have to wait for your pipes to get fixed, the more serious a problem it could become. That’s why we don’t wait. From the moment you call us, we spring into action to make sure that your burst pipes get taken care of as quickly as possible.

We understand that when you’re dealing with a burst pipe, it can all be a bit confusing. After all, it’s not like this is something you deal with every day. That’s why we do everything we can to make the situation as easy to understand as possible. Once we figure out the right plan of action for your pipes, we present it to you. We do this in the clearest, easiest to understand way possible. Instead of wondering what this is all going to cost and worrying about it, we tell you clearly.

That way, there are no hidden fees or anything like that after the process is complete. Instead of worrying, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing professionals are going to fix your burst pipes. To do so, we use the best, most advanced technology. We don’t use last year’s technology and just say that it’s new. Instead, we watch the market so that we can find what the best, most cutting edge advancements are. Then, our professionals train on them till they’re experts. That way, when it comes time to fix your pipes, we can do so in the best possible way.

When our experts arrive at your location, we’ll thorough inspect all of the damage from the burst pipe. In short order, we’ll learn everything there is to know. From there, we’ll make a detailed plan of action. This will include the estimate as well as everything that we’re going to do in precise detail. After that, we turn our attention to the standing water. Instead of letting it sit there a moment long, we remove every drop of it. At that point, we’ll be able to access the damaged area itself. We begin a drying process then, making sure that it gets as completely dry in a hurry. Then, we dehumidify this area, too. Once the moisture is out of the air, there’s less chance for mold.

At that point, cleanup begins. We make sure that your area isn’t just clean, but sanitized, too. It’s important to note that everything we say in this blog isn’t just for burst pipes: we can do it for any kind of water damage. Storm damage, slab leaks and anything else – if water damage harms your home, office or other building, you need professionals to take care of it in a hurry. Contact us at USA Restoration today at (800) 805-0541 or message us through our site.