Mold growth will be a problem after flooding

Be aware of Mold growth after any kind of flooding, especially with El Nino coming to Southern California this winter. On the EPA’s Fact Sheet regarding flood clean up it goes over the procedures to take after a flood to repair and clean a home. USA Restoration Pros goes through all the procedures that are […]

Mold affects healthy people

Mold has over 1.5 million different types of species. If not remediated in a timely matter, mold can cause all sorts of health issues to healthy people. Children, seniors and even animals can suffer even more due to their weaker immune systems. Let us USA Restoration Pros conquer all of your mold issues. We specialize […]

Mold can happen in new homes and during New Construction

When we think of mold we think it happens in older properties and units but this is false. Mold can happen in newer homes as well as during even construction and renovations. Homes these days are built fast and in tract style and unfortunately in stages. As one stage is completed it can be left […]

Kitchen and mold… a bad combination!

Whenever there is any kind of dampness mold can spring up and kitchens are a great breeding grounds for mold. The kitchen sink and the pipes below make for a nice warm area that is usually damp for mold to grow. You would hope that mold wouldn’t form in kitchens especially when it is probably […]

Mold infection in your home

Mold is an infection that your home can have.   It is one of the most relentless infections a house can have. The most obvious space for molds to grow is to start in a basement. Unfortunately once it gets in your walls from the bottom it can travel up to rest of the house […]

When selling your or buying a home beware of Mold!

When you’re about to list your property on the market you want to make sure that you will get the most amount of money from it and things that can deter from you doing that is having a mold issue it is always best to call a professional like USA Restoration Pros to conduct a […]

Mold can grow anywhere

Mold doesn’t need much to grow Mold has been around for centuries and has lived and grown all over the world. It has thrived and adapted to every environment and that’s why it doesn’t take much for mold to grow. Mold only needs moisture and cellulose to survive, that’s it. Any type of water damage […]

Bleach is not your answer for Mold!

Most people believe they can kill mold with bleach but what they are doing is actually making the situation worse. Once someone uses bleach, the mold may not be visible anymore but now the mold is destructing drywall and breaking down the components of your building material and with now cracks and crevices mold can […]

Bleach can’t kill mold!

Unfortunately we have become a “do it yourself” society but there are instances that a problem such as mold should be handled by a professional like USA Restoration Pros. Bleach can not break porous surfaces it can only sit on top where as mold can inhabit every surface especially the ones that are porous. The […]

Mold and Bleach a bad combination!

Most people believe they can kill mold with bleach but what they don’t understand is that using bleach will actually aggravate the mold to grow more and it will release air spores to protect itself. So now this mold is attached to your clothes and you are now even ingesting the mold and the bleach, […]