Black Mold Removal: DIY or Call an Expert?

black mold removal in los angeles

Black mold removal must only be done by an expert. The reason for this is that black mold can cause irritants and produce allergens. Regardless of the mold type, you must call an expert in removing mold in your home. Do not attempt to remove it on your own. It is not a DIY project In […]

Does Home Insurance Cover Mold Removal?

mold removal in los angeles

Mold removal service may or may not be covered by your home insurance. At USA Restoration, we can help you file an insurance claim. After all, it is one of our specialties.  Typically, homeowners insurance will only cover mold damage if the cause was a covered peril. For example, if the mold growth is the […]

Black Mold Removal and Health Effects

Black mold can be especially dangerous as well as an annoyingly costly problem. The dangerous can be even worse where infestations of toxic black mold reside. There are many health effects and symptoms that black mold exposure can cause as well as black mold poisoning. Understand what to look for in terms of black mold […]

Top Black Mold Contractors

After a very bad rain storm, you go around your home to see if there’s any damage. It doesn’t look like anything has been hit too badly, so you figure you got off easy. Then, in the next few days, you find yourself not feeling so well. Soon after, your spouse and children fall ill, […]

Mold… get rid of it!

How to get rid of Mold: Mold has become a hot button issue as there are many health concerns that are now arising as well as many lawsuits. If you’re concerned about Mold in your home or workplace call USA Restoration and they can help you to remove it from your home or workplace.   […]

Mold Exposure can lead to various symptoms

Exposure to Mold can lead to these symptoms: If you have been exposed to mold you can expect to have symptoms of a runny nose, congestion, cough, irritation, asthma and many others. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, mold might be the culprit. Call USA Restoration and they can come and inspect […]

What you should know about Mold from USA Restoration

Top Mold Removal Companies: What is Mold? Mold can grow in nature as well as in built environments. In the right conditions, which are time, moisture and a food source, mold can begin to grow. Once it grows it then release spores which are then in the air. These spores can live outdoors as well […]

Exposure to Black Mold can be affecting 37 Million Americans!

Black Mold Removal Services The scary part of Black Mold is that it is often times invisible and because of this it can grow anywhere, inside your home, your workplace and it can grow undetected for years and can spread exponentially when damp conditions occur like a storm, pipe leak or water spill. USA Restoration […]

Mold and the Law (Mold Removal Services)

People have won cases against their insurance company and landlords regarding mold & Mold Removal Services. According to the Insurance Information Institute, there were over 10,000 mold related lawsuits. These lawsuits have all claimed that they developed an allergic respiratory disease. If you’re suffering from respiratory infections, CONTACT USA Restoration and have them conduct a […]

Water damage is a breeding ground for mold

When water damage occurs in your home from a leaky faucet or a pipe breaking behind a wall you should CONTACT USA Restoration because the fungus that grows from this water damage will release mold spores into the environment which will then seep into furniture, clothing, bedding, mattresses and carpets. People in that environment are […]