Black mold can be especially dangerous as well as an annoyingly costly problem. The dangerous can be even worse where infestations of toxic black mold reside. There are many health effects and symptoms that black mold exposure can cause as well as black mold poisoning. Understand what to look for in terms of black mold can be the first step in keeping yourself and your family safe. Black mold (know as Stachybotrys Chartarum scientifically) works by releasing spores while it feeds on organic material. In your house, these organic materials come in the forms of carpet, drywall, insulations, and subflooring. The airborne spores that are released by black mold can be quite dangerous to a human being’s health and cause a wide range of dangerous and unpleasant illness and symptoms.

Black Mold Removal

Spotting the health effects of black mold means to understand which they are. Before you mistake a cold or cough for something worse, keep reading. One of the most common symptoms seem from the effects of black mold is a respiratory stress response. This includes things like chronic coughing or sneezing. It also means irritation to the eyes and membranes of the throat and nose. You may notice that you or a family member is dealing with chronic fatigue issues as well as rashes and persistent headaches. These all can be symptoms of other illnesses so its best to have you or your family member checked by a medical professional. If you and your family have spent a prolonged period of time being exposed to black mold the health effects could be much worse. This is because these symptoms are usually combined with allergic reactions to the black mold spores. The symptoms, in this case, can include things like vomiting, nausea, and bleeding of the nose and in the lungs.  

Testing for black mold can be a professional measure to detect whether it is present in your home. Some of the more common test areas include crawlspaces, basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. In fact, black mold can occur in places where condensation and moisture happen regularly. As you may already know, mold needs a water source as it is its first requirement to grow. This means that humid and damp areas of your home could be the perfect place for mold to move in and make itself comfortable. If you aren’t entirely certain that there is black mold present in your home (you can’t seem to find it just yet) you can rely on your nose to give you some indication. Black mold usually has a strong and musty smell. Once you have located a patch of black mold it should be easily recognizable from its black appearance. From there you have a choice between testing the mold yourself or having a professional service do so. It may be best to avoid getting yourself involved with the black mold and call out a company like USA Restoration to assess the mold. A professional mold company will work on taking samples of the mold growth and air. From there they can identify with precision what type of mold is residing in your home and create a plan of action to tackle it.

You should avoid doing the job yourself. As noted earlier black mold exposure can cause severe health issues and compared to the price of a hospital stay, pay a professional company for black mold removal is much safe. Call on a company like USA Restoration to remove the mold especially if it’s a large area and certainly if its located in a hard to reach a place like a crawlspace or a basement. Removal of the mold means having to wear the right protective gear (face mask, full coverage of the arms and legs) to keep yourself safe from its effects. USA Restoration certified in Applied Microbial Remediation and has all the equipment and safety gear necessary to safely remove the mold from your home.

USA Restoration is also IICRC certified in Water Damage Restoration, Applied Structural Drying,  Odor Control, and Fire & Smoke Restoration. They are prepared to handle mold problems in your home with professionalism and care. They are a 24/7 emergency service and can be contacted by phone at (800) 805-0541. If you experience a damaging storm, flooding due to natural causes or water leak, have had a fire or smoke damage you can depend on USA Restoration for help. We serve the area and offer free no obligation estimates.