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Advice from Professional Flood Water Damage Contractors in Sherman Oaks

May 24th, 2019

When water attacks your home or another sort of building, the first thing you want to do is try to limit the damage. That’s not always easy. In fact, sometimes it’s basically impossible. Should you notice water damage in your home or commercial property, the first thing we recommend you do is contact us at USA Restoration. Our professional flood water damage contractors in Sherman Oaks and the surrounding area will get there as quickly as possible to not just stop the water damage, but actively restore your building to its pre-loss state.

Before you call our Flood Water Damage Contractors in Sherman Oaks

We definitely recommend you call us as soon as possible. However, there are a few short steps you can take before you call us that might pay big dividends later on. There’s no wrong way to go about dealing with water damage, provided you act fast. We recommend calling as quickly as possible, but you definitely want to call within 48 hours / 2 days of noticing water damage. If you don’t, that’s when the more negative consequences can start.

If at all possible, we recommend you shut off whatever the source of the flooding is. Sometimes, this is impossible (when the source of the flooding is a creek or river outside or a leak in your ceiling). However, if it’s something you can safely do, we recommend it. If it’s the water main or something like that, and you can do it without putting yourself in any danger, we do recommend this. However, should you have any doubt about whether it’s safe or if you can do it, don’t. The last thing we would ever want is someone to get hurt.

Echoing all of the caveats of the last paragraph, we also recommend shutting down the electrical break of the damaged areas, too. When water damage strikes, electricity becomes fearful. You never want to try to remove or even unplug any electrical devices from areas that are even a little bit submerged without doing this. In fact, we strongly recommend doing this before you even try to remove electrical items from rooms with wet carpet.

Again, if there’s any doubt about whether you’ll be safe through this process, you don’t want to do it. We understand how important your electronic devices are, how much they cost and so forth. However, it’s never worth putting yourself in danger. Here at USA Restoration, we have years of experience in helping folks to recover from water damage as well as help to restore their items. We certainly can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to bring all of your items back to their pre-loss state, but our years of experience (and top-shelf technology) have enabled us to help so many to enjoy their items and devices after water damage.

Professional flood water damage contractors in Sherman Oaks

Other Tips after You’ve Called Us

At USA Restoration, we’re often asked by our customers: “what can I do before you get here?” Sure, when you contact us, day or night, we work to get to your place as soon as possible. Once we get there, we can go through a detailed, comprehensive examination to figure out exactly what’s going on as well as how we can remediate the damage. That being said, while we drive fast, we cannot teleport. When customers ask, we do mention a few things they might consider doing that could help with water damage restoration. However, if you have any doubts about the safety of these tasks or your ability to perform them during flooding, it’s just not worth it.

When curtains or drapes get wet, that can be a serious problem for those curtains. So, if you can, we recommend moving them from any rising water. You may even want to move them from the wet carpet. When we mention “water damage,” rarely does “wet carpet” get mentioned. However, wet carpet can be a clear sign of water damage. When your home or another kind of building has wet carpets that can lead to a whole host of other problems.

Speaking of when you carpets get wet, you don’t want the feet or legs of your furniture to get stained. Even just a bit of moisture in the carpet (much less actual water damage) can create permanent stains on the feet and legs of your furniture. That’s also an area of your furniture that’s incredibly hard to fix or change. So, if you can, you may be well served by putting aluminum foil under the feet or legs. That can keep that permanent staining from occurring.

Moisture: More than Meets the Eye

When you first notice water damage, you may see it all over your home or commercial building, but you may also see it in one place, too. Perhaps you have rising waters in your basement, or maybe you just have a pool of standing water in your living room that you don’t quite know how it got there. When you contact us at USA Restoration to come to your place and solve your water damage, we get rid of all of the water damage that you see. However, (and this is important) we also work to fix the water damage that you can’t see, too.

Water can get into basically anything. If there’s even the slightest crack, water can get through. So, water seeps into walls, carpets and more all of the time. Using special tools and instruments, we can let you know definitely whether or not water damage has spread beyond the parts of the home you can see. Maybe it’s affecting the drywall, maybe there’s water damage in the attic – the list goes on and on. There are plenty of areas that might not be visible to the naked eye of someone going through your home where water could pool, fester, and cause more problems.

That doesn’t happen with our USA Restoration pros, however. When we come to your place to do a thorough examination, that’s what we do. We go through your property completely, taking it all in. We’ll let you know if there’s water damage that you can’t see right now that could cause further problems down the line. That way, we can let you know about all of the potential problems that you could have in your property, along with mentioning how we can fix them.

Keep in Mind

One of the best pieces of advice we can tell you about what to do when water damage strikes: be calm. Sure, it’s easier said than done, as this blog was not written while the author’s basement was filling with rainwater. However, staying as calm as you can really helps. You want to keep your thinking as clear as possible, that way you can make the best decisions.

Another common thing we have to tell people (and this is a bit counter-intuitive) but you want to avoid putting newspaper down to walk on. Yes, your newspaper may have come in very handy while you were housebreaking your puppy, but if you put it over the wet carpet, the newspaper ink is going to bleed through. Worse, it could transfer, staining the wet carpet for good. Unlike so many of the other stains we mention in these blogs, those stains won’t come out.

It can be difficult to stay cool and level-headed when water damage strikes your home. That’s why it’s so important to contact our professionals at USA Restoration. We’ve been helping so many people just like you to deal with water damage when it pops up. The sooner you call us to come in and look at your home, the better for you, yours and your home. To talk to us any time, day or night, just call (800) 805-0541.