Water pipes burst is a common plumbing issue that can cause water damage. The damage has to be fixed immediately before it leads to expensive repair. Call water damage restoration group to prevent it from happening.

Pipes can rupture when temperatures are extremely low for several hours. When water freezes, it can expand in volume with tremendous force.

Thus, there will be increased pressure in the pipes that can go to 40,000 psi. Unfortunately, no pipe can hold such pressure. It results in the pipe to break open.

The break occurs where there is a formation of ice. However, it typically arises where the water pressure finds the weakest spot in the pipe. This spot can be inches or feet away from the frozen area.

When the pipes burst, water flows from them. The only way to stop it from flowing and causing further damage is to turn off the main water supply valve. You may also need to shut off the electricity. But this action may depend on the location of the leaks.

By shutting it off immediately, it prevents pouring thousands of gallons of water into your home. It can damage your flooring, ceilings and your precious possessions.

After shutting off the main water supply, you should open a faucet. Doing so will relieve the remaining pressure in the pipes.

Cleaning Up Water Damage Because of a Burst Pipe

After shutting off the main water supply valve, you may start assessing the situation. You may consider cleaning up the damage on your own. But the best way to face this situation is to hire a water damages restoration group.

Regardless of your choice, you should remove your items from the area ASAP. Transfer your personal items and furniture to a dry area. Then, damaged items must be disposed of to stop mold growth.

To clean up the water damage after a burst pipe incident, you must call a water damage restoration group. Call USA Restoration company. It is the go-to restoration company of many homeowners.

water damage restoration group

Extracting Standing Water

When you choose our services at USA Restoration, you can be sure that our team will arrive within 60 minutes after calling us. The first thing we do is to assess the damage and extract standing water.

One of the benefits of hiring our company is that we utilize a powerful pump that quickly extracts standing water. With this pump, it prevents water from going back to the damaged area.

Suck Up Remaining Water

To completely remove all standing water, we use a wet/dry vacuum. It sucks up the remaining water. The vacuum can get into small sections and go over the same damaged area repeatedly to completely extract water.

Sucking up the excess water is vital to level the area. In that way, it will just be damp to your touch. It also helps in making sure that there is no more visible water in the area.

After sucking up visible water, the drying process will start. You may use fans and dehumidifiers. However, it is best to use professional-grade equipment.

For that reason, it is ideal that you contact a water damage repair and restoration company. It uses state-of-the-art equipment that speeds up drying time. Thus, it lowers the likelihood of mold growth. It also prevents the development of musty odor.

At USA Restoration, we have a team of specialists that will lift the carpeting and dispose of the padding, which is made of a fibrous material that easily breaks down when wet.

Our team will also locate the burst pipe and replace them when necessary. You can do it on your own.

However, some ruptured pipes are difficult to access, especially if they are in a wall or ceiling. Our specialists will properly replace the pipes to ensure that they are no longer leaking. This is a vital step before restoring your house.

It is true that burst pipe repair can be done at any time of the restoration process. However, it is easiest to do after cleaning up most of the damage.


Although burst pipes are supply lines with clean water, it is vital to sanitize the area. We only use commercial-grade sanitizer to ensure the odors can be prevented. It also avoids mold development and growth.

Bleach is not effective in killing mold. Instead, we use a medical-grade sanitizing solution to fully sanitize the area. We also use a specialized machine that removes severe odors.

Restoring the Area

The reconstruction starts only after sanitizing the area. Our specialists can determine whether or not you need to install new flooring drywall. In most cases, you may also need to install new cabinets. If your house is carpeted, we will apply shampoo or steam clean your carpet to fully eliminate debris.

Let Our Team at USA Restoration to Restore Your House

At USA Restoration, we can handle any type of water damage, be it from broken pipes, malfunctioning appliances, storm floods or an overflowing toilet. Our team will respond to your request in 60 minutes. We will restore your house and get your life back to normal ASAP.

Our team can also work with your insurance company to help you make claims faster. In fact, we can bill your insurer directly. We have a team of experts who knows what to do in this kind of situation.

The Cost of Water Damage Restoration

It is not easy to give you an estimate without seeing the damage first. Do not worry as our company offers free estimates.

There are several factors that affect the overall cost of this project. Some of them are the source of the water, type of materials involved, amount of reconstruction, and the size of the affected area.

Your home insurance policy may cover all or a significant portion of the cost for the cleanup and restoration. For a no-obligation estimate, you may contact our team of specialists today.

Why Homeowners Choose Our Water Damage Restoration Group?

Our world-class service is just one of the reasons LA residents opt for our company when they need water damage restoration services. Our team of specialists has years of experience in this area.

We also utilize cutting edge tools and equipment to completely clean, dry and sanitize, as well as restore the damaged areas in your house.

At USA Restoration, we believe that having a pipe burst can lead to severe water damage if you wait for longer to call our team. We make our services accessible 24/7. After all, an emergency can happen at any time.

Do not wait for a few days before calling us. Once you call us, our team will visit your property and assess the situation quickly.

By reaching our team quickly, we can promptly solve your water damage problems. We can prevent further damage. You can also return to your house or building as quickly as possible.

It does not matter whether it is a slab leak or burst pipe. Our USA Restoration team can fix it.

We have handled various types of water damage in different types of buildings, be they a store, a warehouse, an office or a residential property. We have fixed them immediately before the water damage could even linger.

We have a fully trained expert staff that can give you a fast response time. Our cutting edge tools and equipment will make sure that fixing the damage can be done in a matter of days, depending on the extent of the damage.

Our services here include full cleaning and restoration. In that way, you do not need to hire a company to clean the house and another company to restore your property. We can do them all so you can go back to your house as if nothing happened.

To contact our water damage restoration group, please call us at (800) 805-0541.